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Ways to borrow

Learning how to manage your money, and get your debts under control, can help you feel on top of things. It may also help you pay off your debt faster, saving you money on interest.

Flexible ways to manage your money and debts

We have a range of options to suit different needs. Whether it’s borrowing to combine existing debts, borrowing to pay for the things you need or having a back-up for emergencies and unexpected expenses.

Balance transfers

Transferring existing credit or store card debt to an ANZ Low Rate Visa at a low interest rate

You can apply to move the outstanding balance from certain non-ANZ credit or store cards to an ANZ Low Rate Visa, and pay a low interest rate on the balance transferred for a fixed period of time. Our balance transfer rate offer is currently  on balances transferred for the first two yearsdisclaimer , but can change.

When a balance transfer happens, the amount transferred plus any existing outstanding balance on the ANZ Low Rate Visa must not exceed 95% of the approved credit limit. For example, the approved credit limit is $2,000, and there have been no other purchases, cash advances, or balances transferred. So, a balance of up to $1,900 can be transferred from a non-ANZ credit or store card.

Paying a transferred balance off during the low-rate period, and not using the existing credit or store card if it’s at a higher rate, could help save on interest costs by paying off the debt at a lower interest rate.


What you need to know

After the balance transfer period ends, our standard purchase interest rate will apply to any remaining balance transferred (currently 12.90% p.a. for ANZ Low Rate Visa).

We generally apply any repayments to your ANZ Low Rate Visa to the balance transferred first, before any purchases or cash advances. We will also charge interest on any purchases or cash advances you make at the standard interest rates (currently  on purchases and  on cash advances) until these are repaid in full. You also won’t receive any interest free days on any purchases while there is a balance owing on your card.

Learn more and apply for a balance transfer 

ANZ Personal Loan

Combine existing debts, or access money for the things you need

An ANZ Personal Loan can be used to combine existing debts from other lenders to help make repayments simpler to manage, and could reduce the amount of interest paid.

You can also use an ANZ Personal Loan to pay for things you need, when you need them mostdisclaimer. For example, a new car, replacement whiteware or appliances, travel, weddings and events, and more.


  • Loan amounts of between $3,000* to $40,000, and loan terms from 6 months to 7 years
  • Choose from weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayments to suit your budget
  • A fixed interest rate for the life of your loan
  • No early repayment costs for making extra repayments or to pay the loan off in full earlydisclaimer
  • You can apply to top up your loan if you need additional funds (a minimum top up amount of $1,000 applies)


Pay no application fee, for a limited timedisclaimer.



Currently  fixed interest rate, for a fixed term. 

ANZ credit cards

Buy now and pay it off

With an ANZ credit card you can buy the things you need now, and pay for them later. ANZ credit cards can also be used as a backup for unexpected expenses.

You could get up to 55 days’  interest free on some of your purchases – to find out how this works, check out our article on Understanding Interest Free Days.

To enjoy the benefit of interest free days on purchases, you will need to pay the closing balance on each statement in full by the due date each month.

You must pay at least the minimum repayment due on each statement by the due date each month. But, if you don’t repay in full each month, paying more than the minimum required payment will help reduce interest costs and pay off the outstanding balance faster.

ANZ has a range of credit cards to suit different needs. From a card with a lower purchase interest rate and no annual fee, to cards with rewards programmes, such as Airpoints™ or CashBack.

Learn more about and apply for a credit card 

ANZ Overdraft

Access to extra funds if you need them

An overdraft on an account provides access to extra funds when needed, for example, when your expenses are more than usual, or you experience a delay in getting paid.

Having a pre-arranged overdraft helps avoid the fees and excess interest that is normally charged if you overdraw your account.


  • Interest is charged when you use the overdraft, on the amount you've overdrawn.
  • There are no monthly minimum repayments, but you’ll need to stay below your agreed credit limit and pay any interest or fees charged.
  • Your overdraft is linked to your ANZ everyday account, so you can access it quickly and easily.


  • $25 overdraft application fee
  • $3 monthly overdraft management feedisclaimer


Our current ANZ Overdraft interest rates apply.

Home Loans

We have home loan top up options if you already have a home loan with ANZ, which can be used to pay for things like renovations to your home or landscaping. There is also an interest free option if you’re looking to install a heating system or insulation, or both.

More about home loan top ups 


Managing your debt

If your debts are becoming difficult to manage, talk to us. We have information and support that could help you get on top of it.

Tips to help manage your debt >

Need help?

If you need help working out the best option for you, simply get in touch with us by calling 0800 269 296.

Eligibility, lending criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply. Details are subject to change.

Fees and interest rates are subject to change. Non-standard fees may apply. Please use the following links for full details of our Terms and ConditionsFees and Charges (PDF 166kB), Rates, fees and agreementsANZ EFTPOS Card and ANZ Visa Debit Card Conditions of Use (PDF 103kB), and ANZ Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 129kB).

Balance transfer offer:  Offer available for a limited time. Balance transfers can be made from most non-ANZ Visa or Mastercards (ASB, Bank Direct, BNZ, KiwiBank, TSB or Westpac), American Express, GE CreditLine, Q Card and Farmers Card. Full details are contained in the ANZ Credit Card Conditions of Use available from or any branch. After 24 months our standard purchase interest rate will apply to any remaining balance transfer amount. Standard interest rates for ANZ Low Rate Visa apply to new transactions and repayments will generally be applied to balance transfer amounts before new purchases.


Personal loans cannot be used for general living expenses. To help pay rent, power, groceries and other monthly expenses, consider an ANZ Low Rate Visa or Overdraft.


There is no minimum extra repayment through our contact centre or branches. Minimum extra repayment amount applies in ANZ Internet Banking.


Application Fee Waiver offer: Application fee waiver available from February 2020 has been extended further. Offer available for new ANZ Personal Loans and top-ups.


Monthly overdraft management fee applies in addition to the applicable interest rate. This fee may be waived if the overdraft is linked to an eligible account or if you are eligible for one of our banking packages.