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We’re committed to giving you every opportunity to learn and grow by creating a thriving and inclusive workplace.

Life at ANZ

At ANZ, all of our people have a common goal to help kiwis and kiwi businesses be better off. One way we do that, is by helping our people progress their careers by supporting them in their personal lives.

Discover life at ANZ, through some of our employee stories.

Megan's Journey: We Do Inclusion

Open on Megan’s kapa haka lesson on the school field.

We see slow motion hand gestures, the faces of her students, singing and laughing.

VO: “Meet Megan.”

VO: “Every Friday morning, you can find her here, teaching a kapa haka class.”

Megan turns to camera: “Tēnā koutou katoa”.

Megan shouts instructions to the class.

VO: “It’s just one of the ways that Megan gives back to her community.”

VO: “Which flows through into her day job.”

We cut to Megan on the ferry into Auckland CBD. We cut to a shot of the ANZ tower from the water. We see Megan walk past Māori artwork on her way into the ANZ building.

Megan: “On any given day, you’ll find me working to create a more accessible digital experience with Pasifika and Māori.”

VO: “She does it with the collaboration of engineers, testers and architects, who are creating, building and delivering technology to support the financial wellbeing of everyone.”  

We see Megan in the office working with the technology team.

Megan: “Plus, my team is based in Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Pacific countries and India – so I get to work with experts all across the globe.”

We see Megan on a zoom call with colleagues in Fiji.

VO: “Whether we’re implementing new tech to help our customers in the Pacific countries manage their finances.”

VO: “Or advocating for indigenous language inclusion within the tech products we use daily.”

We see the Māori and Pasifika in Tech logo and values.

Megan to camera: “It’s our responsibility to create space for all cultures to thrive in a digital world.”

VO: “Megan advocates designing technology with integrity in the office.”

VO: “And on the world stage.”

We see a shot of the opening of Te Aratini in Dubai, then cut to Megan’s name across the big screen.

Megan is on stage at Te Aratini, delivering her speech. “… a person and an artificial entity, sharing a breath, sharing a hongi”

End frame graphics


  • We Do Tech.
  • We Do Inclusion.
  • We Do How.
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Shameel’s Journey: We Do Belonging

We open in an ANZ branch on Shameel.

Shameel to camera: “I used to work here.”

VO: “At one of ANZ’s busiest branches, Shameel looked after customers to improve their financial wellbeing.”

We see a series of three interactions of Shameel with customers.

Shameel: “Now, I do my mahi…”

We cut to the Head Office.

Shameel: “Here!”

VO: “And in only a few years, he’s now looking after our biggest business customers.”

VO: “It’s such a different role…”

Shameel: “But that’s what I love about ANZ – the differences that are everywhere.”

We see shots of the diversity and vibrance of the office.

VO: “Which gives him the courage to live his purpose”

Shameel: “and encourage people around me to do the same.”

VO: “It makes for a really vibrant and interesting place to be”

Shameel: “and somewhere I can really be myself and…”

We see a transition of Shameel to his drag queen persona, backstage at a performance venue.

Shameel: “Ivanna.”

Host/VO: “Ladies and gentlemen and everything in between, please welcome the one and only…Ivanna Drink!”

Ivana comes on stage, in her element. We get a snippet of the performance, showing a few reactions of the crowd.

VO: “No matter who you are, or what role you’re in, there’s a place for you at ANZ.”

End frame graphics


  • We Do Financial Wellbeing.
  • We Do Belonging.
  • We Do How.
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Kriselle's Journey: We Do Dream Chasing

Kriselle is on her laptop in a café.

Voice over (VO): “Studies show that when you write down a goal, you’re 42% more likely to achieve it. That’s something Kriselle encourages her team to do with their customers.”

Kriselle receives her coffee: “Thank you”.

Kriselle: “Whatever the ambition, it’s mine to help my team and their customers realise how to make that happen.”

VO: “Like Bobby, who’s dream was to open this café.”

Kriselle and Bobby greet each other as he gives her a takeaway box.

Bobby: “There you go Kriselle.”

Kriselle: “Thanks Bobby.”

VO: “Seeing her customers succeed is Kriselle’s favorite part of her mahi”

We transition to the ANZ office.

VO: “Kriselle started at ANZ as a grad and now she’s got 16 years under her belt. She’s seen how things have changed in Aotearoa. And within the company.”

Kriselle: “Including the dress code.”

We see an employee wearing a shirt, shorts and jandals, they give Kriselle a “Kia Ora!”

Kriselle looks at her watch: “And flexible work schedules.”

We transition to a school and a school bell rings.

VO: “Which means it’s time for the school pick up.”

End frame graphics


  • We Do Business Lending.
  • We Do Dream Chasing.
  • We Do How.
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Pamela's Journey: We Do Data Specialisation

Morning alarm clock beeps.

Voice over (VO): “Mōrena Pamela”

Cut to Pamela. “Mōrena”

VO: “Pamela’s up at the crack of dawn to fire off a few emails.”

“And that’s the way she likes it. Because she’s got the freedom to…” 

Pamela’s son interrupts the VO: “Mum! Let’s go!”

Pamela responds “Coming” closes her laptop, grabs the car keys and heads to cricket practice.

VO: “When she’s not at training with her son…”

Close up of Pamela encouraging and coaching her son: “Alright, Tom, straighten up.”

VO: “Pamela’s coaching five ANZ Data teams, giving them advice and guidance to be more successful in their roles.”

Pamela looks at the camera. “Let’s get to it then.”

VO: “Pam’s Data Coaching Framework is a key part of our focus on building a data-driven organisation. 

That will empower Kiwis to improve their financial wellbeing.

After 20 years with ANZ, it’s what gets Pamela out of bed in the morning.

Watching her kids thrive. And helping her ANZ teams to do the same.”

Pamela: “That… and a really great coffee.”

End frame graphics


  • We Do Data Specialisation.
  • We Do Work-Life Balance.
  • We Do How.
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Neil's Journey: We Do Ambition

Voice over (VO): “Neil knows what makes a good pair of gumboots. And what makes a good partnership. His degree in dairy farming got him off on the right foot with farmers when he first joined ANZ as a graduate.”

Neil waves to a farmer: “Kia ora mate!”

Farmer: “G’day mate.”

VO: “From helping farmers to make good decisions, to working internationally, he’s now one of ANZ Wellington’s senior leaders in risk.”

Neil looks out over the farm: “What a beaut!”

VO: “Neil’s now been at ANZ for 19 years.”

Neil: “I’ve had so many opportunities.”

VO: “In 12 different roles. But his most important role? Dad.”

Neil: “I can’t wait to see the ambitions of my tāmariki realised, just like mine.”

End frame graphics


  • We Do Risk Management. 
  • We Do Ambition.
  • We Do How.
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Together: We Do How

Explore your opportunities

At ANZ, our people transform ideas into great solutions and services for our customers. Here you can explore the wide range of opportunities available, across many different areas and disciplines.

Skills and experience we look for include: Customer Services, Relationship Management, Product Management, Customer Experience & Performance, and Risk & Governance.

Our Retail and Business Banking unit is focused on providing outstanding service to help our customers and communities grow and succeed.

Our extensive branch and business banking network, contact centres in Auckland and Wellington, and our Mobile Mortgage Manager and Advisor teams work together to provide customers with service and solutions at a time and place that most suits their needs.

They’re supported by specialist Products, Customer Experience & Performance, Merchant Business Solutions and Risk & Governance Teams.

Roles include:

  • Branch Manager
  • Service Consultant
  • Product Manager
  • Business Banking Manager
  • Team Leader or Personal Banker. 

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Skills and experience we look for include: Innovation, design, simplification, engineering, architecture, agile coaching, data intelligence, product ownership, project management and analysis. 

Technology New Zealand supports our customers and staff through creating outstanding digital experiences, backed up by secure and stable technology. Our work underpins every part of ANZ NZ – from keeping the bank running and protecting customer data to embracing trends and opportunities to deliver tools, applications and services to improve our customer and employee experience. We’re a team driven by excellence in execution and simplification, with a strong culture of diversity, innovation and thought leadership.

Roles include:

  • Engineering (including but not limited to Software, Cloud, Devops, Infrastructure and Networking)
  • Developers across the full range of technology platforms (including Java and C#.Net)
  • Testing (especially Automation and Robotics)
  • Architects (Solution and Enterprise)
  • Product Owners
  • Agile Project Management.

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Skills and experience we look for include: Transaction Banking, Trade & Structured Finance, Economics, Relationship Banking, Data & Analytics and Financial markets.

Our award-winning Institutional Banking business supports New Zealand’s largest organisations with finance and risk management solutions, network connections and industry insights.

Operating in over 30 international markets, we help companies to manage their short term liquidity management and longer term capital structure needs with products ranging from the provision of multi-country operating accounts to innovative capital markets solutions.

Roles include:

  • Director
  • Associate
  • Dealer
  • Analyst
  • Trader
  • Economist
  • Institutional & Commercial Operations.

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Skills and experience we look for include:  Customer Experience, Marketing & Sponsorship, Property Finance, and Risk & Assurance.

Our Commercial & Agribusiness team provides tailored solutions, business insights and industry expertise to help customers start, run, and grow their business.  The team has a presence throughout New Zealand, with valuable connections to key industry players and access to other specialists across ANZ’s international network.

Roles include:

  • Relationship Associate
  • Relationship Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Agri Valuation Manager

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Skills and experience we look for include:  Finance, Business Analysis, Communications, Government Relations, Legal, Risk & Assurance, and Talent & Culture

Our enablement teams provide specialist expertise and support across our business. Areas of expertise include Finance, Corporate Affairs, Legal, Risk and Human Resources.


The NZ Finance team are focused on driving financial performance by shaping our strategy, allocating resources and ensuring decisions are based on facts.

Roles include:

  • Business Partner
  • Audit Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Finance Manager
  • Strategy Manager
  • Procurement Specialist

Corporate Affairs

Our Corporate Affairs team plays an important role in building and protecting ANZ’s reputation in New Zealand.  Corporate Affairs is responsible for:

  • Staff communications
  • Media relations
  • Government Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – including the ANZ Staff Foundation (staff payroll giving scheme) and staff volunteering
  • Content creation – storytelling via video and print for online channels and media


The NZ Legal team provide legal services and advice to our business units on a range of issues including compliance with legislative and regulatory obligations,  development and  promotion of products or services, and more.

Roles include:

  • Corporate Counsel
  • Senior Counsel
  • Company Secretary


Our Risk team  is responsible for anticipating and navigating ANZ through a changing environment, in order to shape a world where people and communities thrive.

Roles include:

  • Lending Services
  • Operational & Risk Compliance
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Capital Provisioning & Portfolio Reporting
  • Market & Treasury Risk

Talent & Culture

The NZ Talent and Culture team deliver core people processes for the broader organisation (e.g. payroll, employee relations, and remuneration) as well as developing the necessary people capabilities to meet customer and business needs.

Roles include:

  • Employee Relations Advisor
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Business Partnering
  • Remuneration Consultant
  • Payroll Governance

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Skills and experience we look for include:  Investment Management, Funds Management and Private Banking.

ANZ NZ’s Wealth division is the largest wealth management business in New Zealand, managing more than $28bn for over 770,000 investors. We help Kiwis build a better tomorrow and a strong financial future, including helping one in four New Zealanders prepare for retirement and first home ownership through our award-winning KiwiSaver scheme.

Roles include:

  • Paraplanner
  • Fund Manager
  • Wealth Coach
  • Wealth Specialist
  • Private Banker
  • Associate Director

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Skills and experience we look for include:  Analytics and Insights, Data Intelligence, Customer Marketing, and Sponsorship.

Our Data and Marketing team is responsible for ensuring the continued growth and development of New Zealand’s leading financial brand, based on a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and aspirations.    


Responsible for bank’s data strategy including developing data capabilities, data governance, customer insight and data driven marketing. Roles include:

  • Data Operations Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Strategist
  • Data Visualisation Manager


Responsible for the broader marketing activities across the bank including brand development, sponsorship, product marketing, digital marketing and marketing planning and research. Roles include:

  • Campaign Delivery Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Customer Value Manager
  • Sponsorship Manager
  • Insights Analyst

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