ANZ Secure

Your security is our priority. ANZ Secure is our commitment to help keep you and your money safe, however you choose to bank with us.

ANZ Secure uses an approach based on three pillars as well as working together to help keep your transactional and business banking safe by:

  1. Protecting you with multiple layers of security.
  2. Monitoring your banking 24/7 for potential threats.
  3. Acting when needed.

We’re committed to helping keep your banking safe, and you have a role to play too. By working together, we can keep you even safer. Below you can find out what we do, and what you can do, to protect you and your banking.

What we do to help protect your banking

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Protection against fraud

If you're a victim of fraud where someone accessed and used ANZ goMoney, Internet Banking, Phone Banking or your card without your authority, talk to us immediately and we'll look at how we can help. We'll reimburse you if you didn't act fraudulently or negligently, didn't contribute to the loss, took reasonable steps to protect your banking and complied with our Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 144kB).


Fraud monitoring

We use sophisticated fraud monitoring systems to help us identify potentially fraudulent activity - and take action to help keep you safe.


Customer security

We protect you with some of the best security and technology, including mobile payment security that meets international standards and best practice.

Verified by visa

Verified by Visa

We work with Verified by Visa to help make your online shopping safer. When shopping at a site that’s protected by Verified by Visa, you may be asked for information only you know, to help ensure it’s really you using your credit card.



OnlineCode is our 'two-factor authentication' system that gives you an extra layer of protection for certain actions online.

What you can do to protect your banking

Keep passwords, PINs and security codes secret

Don’t write them down, never disclose them to anyone (even ANZ or police), and take care not to let anyone see them (e.g. by shielding your PIN at ATMs). Make PINs and passwords hard to guess, change them regularly and make them different from other PINs and passwords.

Keep your Voice ID safe

You must not record your Voice ID identification phrases, such as your passphrase; or let someone else record their voiceprint against your customer number.

Only shop online at places you trust

Shop with reputable, trusted companies – beware of online sites you’ve never heard of. Never save credit card details or passwords at online shops or set your browser to remember or auto-complete password or other details. Only buy at sites that have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption (the URL will start with HTTPS, not HTTP, and you’ll see a locked padlock icon).

Keep your devices secure

Keep them locked when not using them, never leave them unattended when you’re logged into ANZ Internet Banking or ANZ goMoney – always log off when you’re finished, and keep anti-virus software and operating systems updated. Never use public computers or wifi (e.g. at libraries or cafes) for your banking as they may not be secure. Only install apps from the App Store or Google Play.

Watch out for scams

Delete emails from people or organisations you don’t know and never click on a link to ANZ Internet Banking in an email - always type into your browser. Never enter your password into 3rd-party websites or pages you’ve accessed by clicking on a link. Even emails that look legitimate can be scams, so stay up to date.

Mobile banking and mobile wallets

Be careful if other people have access to your device – don’t enable fingerprint, face or other biometric identification access to your device or in your goMoney settings if someone else’s fingerprint, face or other biometric identification is stored on your device, and don’t enable mobile wallet cards on a shared device. Only set up mobile wallet cards on your device if you are the cardholder or additional cardholder. If you sell or give your device to someone else, remember to remove wallet cards from your mobile wallet and uninstall ANZ goMoney first.

Monitoring your banking

We check for suspicious activity

We invest in sophisticated fraud monitoring systems to review banking activity and transactions around the clock for any potentially suspicious activity.

What you should do

Check your accounts regularly:

  • Regularly check your statements for transactions you don’t recognise. Check your transactions against receipts to make sure you've actually made them and they are for the correct amount.
  • Regularly check your account balances. If your balances aren’t what you expect, check to see why.
  • Stay up to date with the latest information, including current scams and threats.

Acting quickly to keep you safe

How we act to help protect your banking

If we detect any suspicious activity, we may contact you to confirm that the activity is legitimate.

If it’s not authorised by you, we will also work with you to take any actions necessary to prevent further threats (such as changing your password or blocking cards and accounts).

When to call us immediately

Contact us immediately on 0800 269 296 if you become aware of anything that is out of the ordinary – for example:

  • You see a transaction you don’t recognise in your accounts.
  • Your mobile device, sim card or credit, debit or EFTPOS card is lost or stolen.
  • You know or suspect that someone else knows your PIN or password, or has accessed your accounts without your authority.
  • You change your mobile or landline phone number.
  • You receive a suspicious email or phone call or know or suspect you’ve been subject to fraud.

Check  out the latest scams and what you should do if you’re the target of fraud.

You can contact us 24/7 on 0800 368 524 or report a suspicious email online.

Help and support

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