Financial knowledge

ANZ is working to improve financial education in New Zealand through our MoneyMinded programme.


MoneyMinded helps people build financial skills, knowledge and confidence to help kiwis manage their money. The course comprises of four workshops on budgeting, everyday banking, saving and spending and planning for the future.

ANZ partners with Private Training Establishments (PTEs) and community organisations across New Zealand to deliver MoneyMinded as an embedded part of other courses and wrap-around services. Our lead partner is Solomon Group, a Māori PTE based in Auckland and Northland that provides education to prepare people for employment. Solomon Group delivers MoneyMinded within a larger educational programme focussed on building literacy, numeracy, life skills and personal confidence.

Almost 700,000 people have taken part in a MoneyMinded course across the Asia Pacific region since 2002. Here in New Zealand, around 700 students complete MoneyMinded every year and this number is growing.

MoneyMinded impact report

In November 2019, ANZ released our second MoneyMinded impact report, based on an evaluation conducted by RMIT University of students who completed MoneyMinded in the previous 12 months through Solomon Group.

The findings of the report are exciting because they show MoneyMinded continues to make a difference.

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Contact the ANZ Corporate Responsibility team for more information on (09) 252 6563.

MoneyMinded does not directly promote ANZ products and provides unbiased consumer education.