David Croy

Sharon Zollner - Chief Economist

Sharon joined the Economics team in 2010. She started her career as a macroeconomist at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in 1998, and has also worked at the Central Bank of Norway. Sharon created the Truckometer in 2012. She has a particular interest in Big Data and machine learning and its potential applications in macroeconomics.  

Sharon Zollner

Philip Borkin - Senior Economist

Philip recently returned to working at ANZ after a five year stint with Goldman Sachs in both Auckland and Sydney covering the New Zealand and Australian economies. He previously worked at ANZ in the Economics team between 2006 and 2009 in Wellington. Philip’s day-to-day activities include monitoring economic developments, responsibility for maintaining and producing the core economic forecasts (i.e. GDP) and assisting in the publication of key outputs, including: Morning Focus; Market Focus; and Quarterly Economic Forecasts.  Philip also has a particular interest in undertaking specific research projects on topical areas of interest.

Philip Borkin

Con Williams - Rural Economist

Con joined the Bank as the Rural Economist in 2010. Prior to this, Con was an economist at the Meat & Wool New Zealand. As the team's dedicated rural economist his role includes all things rural, including responsibility for the Agri Focus and Commodity Price Index publications.  

Kyle Uerata - Regional Economist / Statistician

Kyle started with the ANZ in 2015. Kyle was previously employed at Statistics New Zealand. He oversees the team's statistical information, an array of regional information, the Business Outlook survey and other proprietary indicators. Kyle is the 'go to' person for economic statistics.