Automated Chinese message phone scam

March 2019

We've become aware that some customers are receiving automated phone messages from scammers pretending to be the Chinese Police, demanding payment to Hong Kong for unpaid taxes, or to investigate accounts opened in the customer's name to launder money. There may be other scenario's used. 

The scammers are advising customers to set up International Money Transfers to the Hong Kong Independent Commission against corruption to assist with the investigation. 

If you receive an unsolicited call of this nature, please hang up; do not follow the instructions of the caller. Please share this message with your family and friends. 


  • If you receive a call from someone asking you to transfer money to someone you don't know, do not do it. End the call and notify ANZ on 0800 269 296 (international +64 4 470 3142) or you can report a hoax or suspicious email online.
  • Never disclose your banking passwords, PINs, security codes or personal financial information to anyone even if they say they are from the bank or the Police.

Don't install software on your devices that you are not familiar with.