Start your journey to an energy efficient home

Energy efficient homes can be better for your family, the environment and your wallet. That’s why ANZ is committed to helping New Zealanders improve energy efficiency in their homes. 

ANZ Good Energy Home Loan

With our new ANZ Good Energy Home Loan top up, good energy home upgrades are just one step away with this great rate. ANZ can help you make your home warmer, drier and more energy efficient. Good for the planet, and your pocket.

ANZ Good Energy Home Loan 

3 year fixed-rate

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Top up your ANZ Home Loan at a fixed rate for 3 years, up to $80,000, to make your home and transport more energy efficient and better for the environment.*

ANZ Good Energy Home Loan

*Only available as a top up to your ANZ Home Loan and only for eligible ANZ Good Energy Upgrades. After the special 3 year fixed rate, ANZ’s Home Loan floating interest rate will apply. Offer subject to change. ANZ lending criteria, terms, conditions, and fees apply.

How to get started with our good energy upgrade guides

Everyone’s motivations to build a more sustainable future are different, depending on their needs – and so is every home. That’s why we’ve compiled these practical guides for good energy upgrades. Whether you’re looking to save money on power bills, make your home more comfortable to live in, or reduce your environmental footprint, these guides can help show you how. 

How to make your home more energy efficient

Time to read: 3 minutes

A room-by-room guide to a healthier, more energy efficient home – from easy fixes anyone can do, to longer-term investments that could add value to your home.


HomeFit self-assessment is a straightforward way to check if a home is warm, dry, efficient and safe. You can use it to check a home you’re looking to buy or rent, or if you want to know how you can improve your current home. It starts with a simple online check.

If you would prefer to speak to someone you can contact an independent HomeFit assessor who can visit your home to provide a detailed assessment and list of priorities. 

HomeFit was developed by the New Zealand Green Building Council and is proudly supported by ANZ.

ANZ Healthy Home Loan Package

If you’re buying, building, renovating or already own a home to a 6 Homestar rating or higher, our ANZ Healthy Home Loan package offers special interest rate discounts and other benefits. 

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