Bank feeds for accounting software

Make reconciliation a whole lot easier by linking your bank records with your online accounting software.

What we provide

We can provide:

  • Bank feeds for current and call accounts, term deposits, loans and credit cards to Xero and MYOB.
  • Bank feeds for current and call accounts to Cash Manager products.

How bank feeds work

To set up or manage your bank feeds, contact your accountancy software provider. They will tell you on the most suitable way to register with us, depending on your business type.

Once the feeds are set up, we’ll send your transaction records early each day, if the previous day was a business day. So you’ll receive records Tuesday to Saturday, and the records sent on Tuesday will contain transactions from Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Use payment files from your accounting software

Using your accounting software, you can create a payment file that can be uploaded directly into ANZ Internet Banking. This will pre-populate up to 20 payments at once.

Read about how to upload a payment file in ANZ Internet Banking.

For more information

From overseas: +64 9 523 7220

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