Unclaimed Money

What is Unclaimed Money?

Where there has been no interaction for a period of five years by you, with your bank accounts or term deposit, and you have not contacted us regarding your banking, the funds in your accounts may become subject to the Unclaimed Money Act 1971 (UMA). The payment of fees or the receipt of interest is not considered a withdrawal or deposit. Exemptions for particular account types do apply.  

When there has been no activity for five years on an account or interaction from you, these accounts will be closed and the funds will be paid to the Inland Revenue Department in line with the UMA.

ANZ will notify you by mail, email and/or text message (based on contact information we hold) that the account will be closed, if you do not take steps to operate the account or contact us.

Any unclaimed money in a bank account with a balance greater than $100 (NZD) will be transferred to Inland Revenue. For those with a balance less than $100 (NZD), the money will be donated to a charity.

How to claim your money

If your account is no longer needed, you can close it and have the balance paid to you:

From overseas: +64 4 470 3142

Or if you’d like to continue using the unclaimed account, you can reactivate your relationship by:

  • Logging in to ANZ goMoney or Internet Banking
  • Withdrawing or depositing money.