How to be sustainable and save money at the same time

Doing right by the environment shouldn’t have to cost you more. We’ll show you some ways you can make affordable, sustainable choices.

Help save the planet while saving

Buy second-hand

It saves you heaps, requires fewer resources and keeps perfectly good clothes out of landfills. There are many great pre-loved stores online and in the real world. Got a special event? You could also try renting your dress or outfit.

Use what you have

The best thing you can do before you fill your cupboards with eco-friendly products, is finish the products you already have — like throwing out your current half-full laundry powder, just to replace it with an eco-friendly option, defeats the purpose. Use it up first.

Make small, considered choices

Little changes add up and there are lots of things you can do that’ll save you money and help the planet. Turn off those lights when you leave a room. Unplug electronic items when not in use. Take shorter showers. Wash your clothes on a cold, shorter cycle - and hang them outside, rather than use the dryer. 

Grow your own

Try growing your own veggies or herbs. They’re fresher, usually cheaper and eliminate the packaging associated with store-bought produce. While you’re flexing your green fingers, consider starting a compost bin too.

Get multi-tasky and crafty

Instead of buying paper towels, use an old t-shirt for dusting your furniture. Instead of buying that furniture brand new, buy second-hand, or take a look at some older pieces you already have, and test your upcycling skills.

Use less product

Try halving the amount of shampoo, body wash, moisturiser and even laundry detergent that you normally use. You’ll be amazed how little you actually need.

Everyday changes

Most businesses offer online statements, bills and often receipts, versus mailing them. Plus, always take your own reusable bag when out shopping — and don’t forget to pop your reusable cup in it while you’re at it.

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