Property Insights Report

Once you’re conditionally pre-approved for a home loan with us, you can request a free ANZ Property Insights Report (worth $49.95) to help you know which homes are worth your time.

What's in the ANZ Property Insights Report?

Property price information

Your report includes an estimate of a property’s potential market value.

Recent sales

You’ll see a comparison of recently sold properties in the area, selected based on property features, recent sales and location.

Suburb insights

Find out more about how the suburb's doing in the property market, including how prices have changed over the past few years.

Sales history

Get the sales history for the property you’re interested in, including price and sale type.

How do I get a Property Insights Report?

Once you're conditionally pre-approved for a home loan with ANZ, you can contact us to request a free Property Insights Report.

Important information

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