Applying for sponsorship

Thank you for considering ANZ as a potential sponsor for your project or initiative.

To ensure that our sponsorships deliver value to ANZ, key criteria have been developed to evaluate all current and future opportunities.

Whilst we are always open to requests for sponsorship, please bear in mind that we may not always be able to help, and right now we are fully committed to our existing sponsorship portfolios.

Our sponsorship activities are governed by the following principles:

  • Sponsorship provides a vehicle to communicate our organisational values and our brand values.
  • Sponsorships build and develop the reputation of our brand.
  • Sponsorships create a tangible connection with our communities and provide benefits to our staff, customers and the wider community.
  • Sponsorship properties have high impact, relevance and visibility within the intended target audience.
  • Sponsorship criteria have been developed with the support of all areas of the bank.
  • Sponsorships provide for the participation and recognition of our people.

Proposals cannot be considered if they:

  • Are based on the value of client or customer relationships.
  • Discriminate.
  • Involve risk or danger.
  • Support individuals only.
  • Support religious or political groups or events.
  • Sponsor naming rights for buildings.

How to apply

To be considered, please mail your proposal to:

Attention: Sponsorship Manager 
ANZ Sponsorship
Private Bag 92 210