ANZ NZ Merchant and Card Spending

ANZ NZ Merchant and Card Spending is a monthly breakdown of ANZ card spending on a more disaggregated basis than is available in other measures of card spend (not every category is included).

2023 editions

October 2023

Spending growth in most categories was positive in October (seasonally adjusted). However, the lift versus last month has more to do with base effects (a very weak July falling out of the 3-month average) than any real strength in spending in the month of October. Spending on miscellaneous services grew strongly.  The tourism rebound has flattened out somewhat, but recent growth rates were never going to be sustainable. Clothing retail remains particularly weak, reflecting more cautious consumers.

September 2023

Spending growth in most categories eked out small positive gains in September. Spending on business goods and services continues to outperform. Tourism remains a bright spot in annual change terms. At the other end of the scale, clothing spending is lower than a year ago.

August 2023

Most categories of spending experienced a small uptick in August following some softer months. Despite this, total spending slipped slightly after seasonal adjustment. 

July 2023

ANZ card spending data shows spending across the board losing momentum, with more discretionary items such as clothing under particular pressure. Tourism-related spending continues to outperform, while housing-related spend is generally struggling. Barbieheimer and Taylor Swift provided bright spots.

June 2023

Tourism-related spending continues to be, for the most part, significantly stronger than a year ago. Housing-related spending continues to be under pressure, though there’s some evidence DIY is holding up. Discretionary spending is mixed. Clothing retail is struggling. Counter-cyclical retail is outperforming as households look to cut costs. Goods retail is a mixed bag. Price changes dominate some categories, e.g. fuel (lower prices) and insurance (higher prices). Business services are also mixed. Spending on printing is well down. In the services space, education is an outperformer as foreign students make a comeback. The relative decline of online shopping is evident in courier services.