Family business and succession planning

Succession planning is a significant issue for around half of all New Zealand farmers, according to the ANZ Privately-Owned Business Barometer.

Passing the baton

Research and information on succession planning tended to focus on the transition from one generation to the next. But in our experience, the ground-work happens years earlier when the family agrees a vision for the business and formalises a long-term strategic plan for change of ownership. We also find that success is often driven by having family members who grow up knowing they can play a part in the family business.

So we’ve used our experience to bring together practical information and guidance to help you through the succession planning process and ensure a successful ownership transition.

The ANZ Succession Insight paper ’Passing the baton’ looks at the consistent trends we see in successful family businesses. 

ANZ Succession Insight: Passing the baton

Tips for family members and advisers working with families to transition ownership to the next generation. 

Compiled in consultation with leading succession planning professionals from New Zealand, Australia and the UK, ‘Passing the baton’ is a valuable resource for all those involved in succession planning.

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