Open banking information for developers

Key information about ANZ’s open banking services, such as available API endpoints, service parameters and data requirements.

Building open banking in New Zealand

ANZ is a member of the Payments NZ API Centre. We are supporting the industry-led approach to build secure open banking services in New Zealand using API standards. The details on this page should be read in conjunction with the API Centre’s documentation.

ANZ’s open banking services

ANZ Payment Requests

The ANZ Payment Requests service has been built to the API Centre Payment Initiation API Standard v2.1.2 and enables customers to initiate and consent to one-off payments through an ANZ approved third party.

Available API endpoints

The following API endpoints are available through ANZ.

Authentication endpoints

ANZ only supports a decoupled authentication flow and does not currently support a redirect authentication (hybrid) flow.


Well known endpoints

GET /.well-known/openid-configuration

Public JWK

GET /identity/oauth/keys

Backchannel/CIBA authorize

POST /oauth/v2.0/bc-authorize

Introspect endpoint

POST /identity/oauth/introspect

Revoke endpoint

POST /identity/oauth/revoke

Token endpoint

POST /identity/oauth/token

Payment initiation endpoints

ANZ only supports domestic payment consents and does not support enduring payment consents.


Domestic payment consents

POST /domestic-payment-consents

Domestic payment consents

GET /domestic-payment-consents/{ConsentId}

Domestic payments

POST /domestic-payments

Domestic payments

GET /domestic-payments/{DomesticPaymentId}

Domestic payments

GET /domestic-payments/{DomesticPaymentId}/debtor-account

Additional payment initiation data requirements

ANZ has implemented the mandatory fields and requires use of the following optional fields:

Required field

Authorisation hint

Mobile number

Request header

Customer IP address

Request header

Customer agent

Request header

Merchant customer identification


Merchant category code


Merchant name


Merchant NZBN




The ANZ Payment Request service is operated on the basis that a third party will undertake its activities within the following parameters:

ANZ implementation scope


ANZ goMoney app using the decoupled authentication flow. Redirect authentication (hybrid) flow is not currently supported.

Authorisation hint

ANZ supports the use of a customer’s verified mobile number.


Active ANZ customer and at least 18 years of age.

Eligible debtor account

Everyday transaction account with payment authority and funds for the payment (includes business accounts).

To approve payments

Seven-minute expiry time for the customer to approve the payment after the consent creation.

Payment types

One-off payments to businesses for payments of goods and services only.

Domestic payment timeframe

Third party must execute payment within 10 seconds of customer approval, but no more than 30 seconds.

Domestic payment

Payment status will be provided synchronously as part of payment execution.

Fair usage: ANZ has API rate limiting in place to protect API stability and performance for consumers.

Payment request testing

The API Centre provides a testing sandbox for registered third party Standards Users or Community Contributors

When a third party is approved by ANZ they will be provided with access to ANZ’s pre-production environment and production as part of testing readiness activities.

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