Open banking

Open banking gives New Zealanders more control over their financial information, letting them securely share it to make payments and access personalised services. Find out more, including information for interested third parties.

Overview of open banking and ANZ Services

Open banking gives you more choice in how you make payments and who you share your financial information with. 

Through open banking, you can securely share certain banking information to make payments straight from your bank account or access personalised services. This sharing is done through approved third parties (merchants, stores, businesses and payment services) that have agreed to meet our processes and standards. 

You’re in control when you use open banking services. Approved third parties must get explicit consent from you in order to send a request to ANZ, which you can approve or decline. Third parties must be clear about what they’re requesting and what service they’ll provide. You can stop sharing your information with third parties at any time. 

The Payments NZ API Centre is leading the development of open banking in New Zealand. Working with everyone from banks to startups, the API Centre is using an industry-led approach to build secure standards and align launch timeframes. 

ANZ is supporting the API Centre’s approach. We’ve been building, piloting, and releasing open banking services to prove operational capability and meet technical standards.

ANZ’s open banking services and availability

So far, we’ve launched ANZ Payment Requests and development is underway on ANZ Data Sharing. Both these services use the API Centre standards and will be available in line with the API Centre implementation plan.

ANZ Payment Requests

Payment Requests gives eligible ANZ customers a fast and secure way to pay a merchant, store, or business. 

You simply initiate a payment request (for a one-off domestic payment) using an approved third party service and then approve the payment request in your ANZ goMoney mobile app. The payment comes straight out of your bank account, with no need for a debit or credit card.

ANZ Data Sharing

This service is in development. 

Data Sharing will let eligible ANZ customers share their account balances and transaction information with approved third parties. This service will streamline application processes and give you access to more personalised services.

Keeping your information safe

We protect your financial information in several ways:

  • We only work with approved third parties (merchants, stores, businesses and payment services) that have agreed to meet our security, privacy, experience and customer support standards. 
  • We don’t approve third parties related to a heightened risk of fraud or scams, money laundering and financial crime, unethical data use, or inadequate controls or processes.
  • Third parties must get your consent before they send a request to us. 
  • Each third party must be a member of the API Centre and accept the API Centre terms and conditions. 
  • We don’t ask you to enter banking login credentials through third party services. Never share passwords, PINs or two-factor authentication codes with any person, website or app other than goMoney or ANZ Internet Banking.

Information for interested third parties

Connecting to ANZ’s open banking services

If you’re a merchant, store, business or payment service, you can access our open banking services by: 

  • Connecting directly to us by applying to be an approved third party
  • Connecting to an approved third party service. 

We’re able to consider applications from third parties interested in connecting to the Payment Request service. 

How to become an approved third party

The steps in our approval process assess each third party’s ability to meet ANZ’s policies, legal obligations and risk practices, and demonstrate readiness and an ability to keep our customers safe.

  1. Contact us at
  2. Become an API Centre member and test in the API Centre sandbox.
  3. Pass our initial assessment.
  4. Pass our due diligence criteria.
  5. Agree to ANZ’s standard terms and sign our agreement.
  6. Connect and validate testing outcomes.
  7. Agree a go-live date.

While we are following the API Centre’s standards and published implementation plan, we are using our own policies, risk practices and processes to assess third parties. 

These steps are sequential and further information will be shared at each stage. We’ll keep you informed on your progress. 

How to connect to an approved third party service

Businesses and merchants can connect to approved third party services.

To do so, contact them directly to understand their connection processes (as they may vary per third party). Currently, our approved third party services include:

Payment Requests:

Information for developers

Find key information about ANZ’s open banking services for developers, such as available API endpoints, service parameters and data requirements.

For more information

To find out more, email us at