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Bonus Bonds

Bonus Bonds has been a kiwi favourite since 1970, giving New Zealanders a unique way to invest and have chances to win life-changing tax-free cash prizes.

Important Update for Bondholders

Closed to new investment and intended wind up

From 7pm on 25 August 2020, ANZ Investment Services (New Zealand) Ltd (ANZIS) stopped accepting new investment into the Bonus Bonds scheme as low interest rates continue to reduce the prize pool. We also intend to initiate a wind up by the end of October 2020. A wind up includes the process of returning funds to bondholders. Please read the Event disclosure statement (PDF 115kB), the latest annual report (PDF 226kB) and announcement around these changes to ensure you are fully informed. The event disclosure statement and annual report are available in hard copy on request by calling 0800 266 374.

As a Bonus Bonds investor, you can:

  1. Redeem your Bonus Bonds before the commencement of the intended wind up. You’ll find more details on how to do this on our FAQ page. 
  2. Stay in the scheme and be entitled to a share of the remaining reserves, after expenses, when the scheme is wound up. If you choose to stay during the wind up phase, your investments may be locked in for up to 12 months.

Note that we are currently experiencing high volumes of redemption requests and there will be some delay in processing these. We have added extra staff to help process these as quickly as possible. The fastest way to redeem your Bonus Bonds is through MyBonusBonds, where you will receive payment in 2 business days.

Need to get in touch?

If you have read our FAQs and still have an enquiry and would like to hear from one of our team please get in touch in one of the following ways:

If you're an ANZ customer or are activated on MyBonusBonds:
Send a Bondmail if you are activated for MyBonusBonds, or fill in our Contact Form and someone from the ANZ team will be in touch within 3 working days.

If you're not an ANZ customer:
Gather up any information you have around your bondholding and pop into any ANZ branch. Please remember to bring some identification with you - find out what you need.

Timeline for Bonus Bonds wind up

25 August 2020  Decision by ANZIS Board to close scheme to new investment (effective from 7pm) and statement of their intention to wind up the scheme by the end of October 2020 
26 August 2020  Event disclosure statement (PDF 115kB) published on Disclose and media announcement about the proposed changes
30 September 2020  Financial statements and annual report (PDF 226kB) published for year ending 31 March 2020
1 October 2020 
Intended final prize draw held
13 October 2020  Intended final prize draw announcement
By the end of October 2020 Last opportunity to cash-in/redeem Bonus Bonds before the intended wind up commencement



How do Bonus Bonds work?

With Bonus Bonds, your money is pooled with other investors’ money and invested. Instead of earning interest or receiving investment gains, each eligible Bonus Bond you hold gives you one entry into the monthly prize draw.

A $1 MILLION grand prize is paid to one winning bondholder each month along with one prize of $100,000, one prize of $50,000 plus multiple prizes of $5,000, $500, $100, $50 and $20. It is intended that the 1 October 2020 prize draw is the final one before the scheme begins to wind up.

The mix of major prizes in a month may vary however the minimum number of major prizes will be as per the prize structure above.

Other key facts

  • Bonus Bonds are an investment in a managed investment scheme. 
  • Each Bonus Bond was issued at a cost of $1. 
  • You don’t have to declare any prizes you win for income tax purposes.
  • A Bonus Bond is only eligible to be included in the prize draw after you have owned it for at least one calendar month. For example, if you buy a Bonus Bond in March, that Bonus Bond won’t be in the monthly prize draw in April, but it will be in any monthly prize draws from the first day of May onwards. A Bonus Bond remains eligible to win prizes in every monthly draw until you cash it in or the scheme is wound up.
  • ANZ Investment Services (New Zealand) Limited is the manager and issuer of the Bonus Bonds Scheme. Trustees Executors Limited is the supervisor and custodian.
  • Investments in Bonus Bonds are subject to investment risk. You should consider whether the degree of uncertainty about the scheme’s future performance and returns is suitable for you.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ:  This website contains general information about Bonus Bonds and is intended as a guide only.  See the Bonus Bonds product disclosure statement (closed to all investments) and the Event Disclosure Statement which have been lodged on

Bonus Bonds are units in the Bonus Bonds Scheme (‘Scheme’) and are not deposits or other liabilities of ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited ('ANZ') or Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, or their subsidiaries ( together the ‘ANZ Group’). ANZ Group does not stand behind or guarantee the Scheme. Investments are subject to investment risk, including possible delays in repayment, and loss of income and principal invested. ANZ Group will not be liable to you for the capital value or performance of your investment. ANZ Investment Services (New Zealand) Limited is the manager and issuer of the scheme.