FMA Investor Warnings

April 2024

Scammers are impersonating legitimate businesses or even making up new businesses with offers that may seem too good to be true. Scammers may urge you to invest quickly – do not rush into an investment opportunity. Before you invest, take extra steps and act with caution to protect yourself from investment scams. 

The FMA (Financial Markets Authority) have issued a warning on their website against multiple investments.

Visit the FMA website for warnings and alerts on investment scams.

Tips to help avoid investment scams

  • Be wary of an unexpected phone call, social media posts or social media chat, where you get asked for money or to invest.
  • Be wary of scam websites when searching online for investment opportunities.
  • Before investing money, research the company using the companies register, the investment opportunity, and the people behind it. Look for information from independent sources, including regulatory agencies, financial analysts, and reputable news outlets and check the FMA website for a list of known scams.
  • Take your time to thoroughly look into investment opportunities. Before making any decisions, consult a licensed financial advisor or investment professional.
  • Be extremely careful with offshore investments, which may be unregulated and unlicensed. Search online using the company name and “scam” or “scam warning” to see if any international regulators have issued warnings.