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Delve deeper into financial wellbeing, with topics like money-saving hacks, when borrowing may suit you, and how to talk about money with your whānau.

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To help you save or reduce debt, try paying yourself first. This means setting up regular payments each payday to move money into your savings or loan repayments.

It's a good way to make sure your money goes where it'll benefit you most.

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Which saver personality type are you?

Take this nine-question quiz to find out if you’re a Spender, Striver or All-Rounder.

1. Download the Saver Personality Type Quiz (PDF 420KB).

2. Open the PDF in a desktop app, like Adobe, Javelin or Foxit (Note: if the PDF opens in your web browser, select ‘Open in desktop app’ to make sure the quiz can calculate your score correctly).

3. Complete the questions to find out your personality type.