Proof of address

How to provide proof of your New Zealand residential address for your application to join ANZ via ANZ goMoney, so we can complete your application

Your proof of address must be:

  • An accepted form of address verification addressed to your New Zealand residential address (see options listed below).
  • Dated within the last six months.
  • Emailed as a PDF or photo showing the entire first page of the letter, statement, bill or document which includes your name and address.
  • In English, otherwise we require you to provide a translated copy completed by an independent translation agency, at your own cost.

It must also match the address that you provided when applying to join ANZ using the ANZ goMoney app.

Please email your proof of address to, with your application reference number in the email subject line, within five working days.

Accepted forms of address verification

  • Utility bill
  • Non ANZ Bank account statement or document*
  • Non-bank financial institution statement or document*
  • Central Government Agency document e.g. IRD, ACC
  • Local Council/Government letter
  • Signed rental tenancy agreement, flatting or sub-letting agreement
  • Electoral roll papers
  • Insurance policy document
  • Car registration notification/demand
  • Educational Institution letter from education facility, must be on letterhead paper
  • Letter from a lawyer or accountant stating your residential address
  • Retirement home letter or invoice
  • Letter or invoice from your general practitioner
  • Short term accommodation letter issued by the accommodation provider (e.g. AirBnB, Hostel, Motel, and Hotel) and including your name
  • Letter from employer on company letterhead confirming residential address

Additional option for under 18s:

  • Verify using parent/guardian’s address – please email a copy of your birth certificate or guardianship order and your parent/guardian’s address verification (one of the above accepted forms of address verification). By providing these documents, you confirm you have obtained permission from your parent/guardian to use these documents as evidence of your address, to help you open your account.

* Acceptable from certain countries, please call us on 0800 269 296 between Monday and Friday 8am–8pm, or Saturday or Sunday 8am–6pm to confirm.

Email us

Send your proof of address as a PDF or photo to

Please include the reference number of your application in the email subject line. Reference numbers are in the format EVXXXXXX. 

You can find your reference number:

  • At the bottom of the screen in the ANZ goMoney app.
  • In the text message you received after you submitted your application.

Next steps

Our team will be in touch with you within two business days.