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Financial services are changing, and data at ANZ is moving from buzzwords to actually changing the business.

Take the next big step in your career

Shape the future of data at ANZ

We’re committed to becoming a data-driven organisation, focusing on giving our data professionals what they need to unleash their creativity and influence the decision-making process.

Our rapid digitisation provides our data professionals with:

  • Projects around open banking, automation, the modern banking platform
  • Massive data sets from billions of transactions to get stuck into
  • Hundreds of data specialists to work with and learn from
  • The ability to use data to create positive social outcomes and improve the financial wellbeing and sustainability of our millions of customers.

Pamela's journey: We do data specialisation

Morning alarm clock beeps.

Voice over (VO): “Mōrena Pamela”

Cut to Pamela. “Mōrena”

VO: “Pamela’s up at the crack of dawn to fire off a few emails.”

“And that’s the way she likes it. Because she’s got the freedom to…” 

Pamela’s son interrupts the VO: “Mum! Let’s go!”

Pamela responds “Coming” closes her laptop, grabs the car keys and heads to cricket practice.

VO: “When she’s not at training with her son…”

Close up of Pamela encouraging and coaching her son: “Alright, Tom, straighten up.”

VO: “Pamela’s coaching five ANZ Data teams, giving them advice and guidance to be more successful in their roles.”

Pamela looks at the camera. “Let’s get to it then.”

VO: “Pam’s Data Coaching Framework is a key part of our focus on building a data-driven organisation. 

That will empower Kiwis to improve their financial wellbeing.

After 20 years with ANZ, it’s what gets Pamela out of bed in the morning.

Watching her kids thrive. And helping her ANZ teams to do the same.”

Pamela: “That… and a really great coffee.”

End frame graphics


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Why choose ANZ?

Kimberley – Lead Data Storyteller, Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland

“I love the support ANZ provides to learn, grow and find what you love doing.

I’ve had really varied roles during my time at ANZ including Frontline, Product Management, Marketing, and Data.

That career path has provided an opportunity for a role dedicated to it – Data Storytelling.

Our vast data provides opportunity to create meaningful work that helps shape the financial lives of Kiwis and their communities.”

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