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ANZ MyPhoto card

MyPhoto card terms and conditions

  • The ANZ MyPhoto card service (which allows you to add an image to your ANZ card) is provided by ANZ and Gemalto Pty Ltd (‘Gemalto’).
  • The ANZ MyPhoto card service is subject to these terms and conditions and the ANZ EFTPOS card and ANZ Visa Debit Card Conditions of Use.
  • The ANZ MyPhoto card remains the property of ANZ and you agree to return it if asked, or if the accounts accessed by the ANZ MyPhoto card are closed.
  • You agree we can send and store the details you have provided in your application, including the image, to Gemalto and ABnote Group (Australasia) Pty Ltd (‘ANZ’s third party providers’) for the purposes of producing an ANZ MyPhoto card.
  • You warrant that you are the actual owner of the image or you have obtained express consent from the owner of the image to use the image on your ANZ MyPhoto card. ANZ may require evidence of the image owner’s consent or of your ownership of the image. A general licence to use an image (i.e. a licence that is not specific to use of an image on an ANZ MyPhoto card) may not be accepted.
  • You consent (or you will obtain consent from the owner of the image) to ANZ and its third party providers storing, modifying, copying or using the image. ANZ may also require evidence of this consent.
  • All copyright and intellectual property rights in the ANZ MyPhoto card service vest in ANZ (excluding the image). You will not reproduce any of ANZ’s intellectual property without ANZ’s consent.
  • You agree that you have read and understood the ANZ MyPhoto card image criteria, and that you will only submit images that comply with the Image Criteria.
  • ANZ reserves the right to not accept or use any image you submit, or to refuse to issue an ANZ MyPhoto card for any reason determined by us.
  • You indemnify ANZ against any claims arising or loss suffered by ANZ as a result of the image being used on an ANZ MyPhoto Card and reproduced on your card, or in respect of ANZ storing, modifying, copying or using the image.
  • ANZ’s liability in respect of the ANZ MyPhoto card service is limited to refunding the ANZ MyPhoto card fee (if applicable). ANZ is not responsible for poor quality images on ANZ MyPhoto Cards.
  • If you require a replacement card, or we issue a new card upon expiry of your ANZ MyPhoto card, we may issue you a new card as a standard Visa Debit card (without the image), or as an ANZ MyPhoto card with the same image. ANZ may charge a replacement card fee for a lost or damaged ANZ MyPhoto card, regardless of whether we replace it with a standard Visa Debit card or a MyPhoto card with the same image.
  • ANZ’s General terms and conditions will also apply. Copies of these terms and conditions are available at or at any branch. If a particular term in those terms and conditions is not consistent with a term in these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions will apply.