Bridging finance

When you're buying your next home, your new home may settle before your current home. ANZ may be able to help bridge this gap with a short-term, interest-only loan. These are commonly known as “bridging” or “tideover” loans.

Bridging finance can allow you to move quickly on the right property – without having sold your current home. It also removes the pressure of having to line up settlement dates.

However, bridging finance means you’ll have two loans until the sale on your current home settles. So you'll need to be able to pay for both loans in the meantime.

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on whether or not bridging finance is the right option:

  • Can you afford it? Will you be able to meet the repayments on your current loan and your bridging loan? 
  • How long will you need the funds for? 
  • How certain are you that the sale on your current home will happen as and when expected?

Talk to an ANZ Home Loan Coach about your options when buying and selling a house, and if bridging finance is right for you.

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