Winter 2023 Edition

This edition is all about leaving lasting legacies.

Nearly 3 million viewers watched the Roy family bring their Shakespearean drama to a close on HBO’s Succession – but intergenerational wealth planning is far from fiction. Many families in New Zealand are grappling with the reality of succession planning and how best to ensure the longevity of their wealth, so that future generations may benefit.

A common characteristic among institutionally wealthy families is they see themselves as custodians of their family’s assets. In other words, they see their wealth as part of a larger legacy they feel they have a duty to maintain.

So how can you safeguard your vision for your wealth in the face of changes – and avoid the so-called ‘three-generation curse’? We share some key considerations and more from our research into inter-generational wealth transfer.

Elsewhere in this edition, we bring together seasoned and new members of our Investment Management team: Head of Australasian Property Securities Craig Tyson, part of the ANZ family for nearly two decades; and Senior Equity Analyst Francois de Cannart d’Hamale, who’s recently shifted continents to join us. Together, they combine decades of experience and expertise to manage over $1.4b of capital.

And finally. It’s the question occupying economists, bankers, and column inches: have interest rates peaked? We take a look at the evidence for and against, what’s in store for the month ahead, and your quarterly investment update.

I hope you enjoy the read – and remember, if you would like to know more about our approach to managing your portfolio in changing times, simply contact your Private Banker.

Glenn Stevenson
General Manager, ANZ Private

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