Market Flash – ANZ Investments exploring potential partnerships

14 August 2023

We’re delighted to announce that ANZ Investments has taken the first steps in exploring potential partnerships with two global investment specialists, Mercer and BlackRock. ANZ Private is excited about these opportunities as the aim is to help improve fund and portfolio outcomes by leveraging the global scale of these international experts.

What’s happened?

ANZ Investments has signed a non-binding memorandum-of-understanding with Mercer. ANZ Investments will be collaborating with Mercer with the objective of enhancing investment outcomes.

Separately, ANZ Investments also announced a non-binding memorandum-of-understanding with BlackRock. The arrangements with BlackRock include the provision of risk management services to support portfolio resilience.

Why is ANZ Investments doing this?

To ensure ANZ Investments stays competitive and continues to meet the changing needs of its investors, its business model needs to adapt and evolve. Partnering with global experts is a compelling way to get faster access to expertise and advanced systems.

Who is Mercer?

Mercer is a global leader in investments and retirement, with US$393 billion of assets under management and US$16.45 trillion in assets under advisement globally. Mercer’s local expertise, complemented by its ability to leverage its global scale, can benefit investors by providing them a broad perspective on investment opportunities.

In particular, they have proven knowledge in putting portfolio asset allocations together for specific objectives. Mercer’s global investments business currently includes approximately 2,000 professionals working to improve investment outcomes for participants both here in New Zealand and around the world.

Who is BlackRock?

BlackRock offers global investment expertise across risk management and innovative investment portfolio solutions. BlackRock services which may be provided include a prudent risk management measure that could be used to support portfolio resilience.

What does this mean for ANZ Private?

ANZ Investments are in the early stages of exploring potential partnership models with Mercer and BlackRock, so there is no change to our ANZ Private investments. It’s business as usual for the team at ANZ Private and ANZ Investments, and our carefully appointed external fund managers are continuing to manage ANZ Investments’ international investments.

As an investor with us, you can be confident any potential investment partnerships will be designed with the aim of improving investment outcomes in the long term. Responsibility for all investment management decisions for its funds remains with the team at ANZ Investments.

ANZ Investments remains an active manager and will continue to select assets on behalf of its clients that it believes will perform strongly over the long term. 

Got any questions?

As always, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and have a chat with your Private Banker, who’ll be happy to provide you with more perspective and discuss your situation.

Important information

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