Autumn 2023 Edition

When it comes to giving, New Zealand punches well above its weight. According to the CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) World Giving Index, we’re the world’s third most generous country, behind the USA and Indonesia. Each year, Kiwis donate their hard-earned money to an incredible 28,000 charities throughout New Zealand.

But in the wake of the global pandemic, these are challenging times for our charities and community organisations – making the contributions of our wealthiest Kiwis all the more important. In this edition, we share tips for making the most of your philanthropy, and encourage you to think about giving in a broader sense. Crucially, it’s not all about money.

Responsible investing is something we take seriously here at ANZ, which is why we’re proud that a number of our eligible funds have recently gained independent RIAA (Responsible Investment Association Australasia) certification. We break down what investing responsibly for the long-term really means, and chat to someone who knows a thing or two about it: Iain Cox, our Australasian Head of Fixed Interest and Cash. Iain gives us a glimpse into his world, where no two days are the same.

Many central banks are signalling an end to interest rate rises – so is New Zealand likely to follow suit? We explore how monetary policy will be a key driver in the month ahead, and deliver your quarterly investment update.

And finally, when cooling property values dominate the news cycle, it’s important to keep a cool head, too. That’s the key message from the data-crunching team at Valocity. In this issue, they deliver their insights on the current and future state of the property market, with a welcome reminder that context is everything – not headlines.

Thanks for your continued support of ANZ Private. I hope you enjoy the read – and remember, if you would like to know more about our approach to managing your portfolio in changing times, simply contact your Private Banker.

Glenn Stevenson
General Manager, ANZ Private

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