We're one of New Zealand's leaders in payroll giving, with over 1,850 staff contributing regular amounts from their after tax salaries and wages. These contributions are matched dollar for dollar by ANZ - and go to our charitable trust, the ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation.

Since its inception in 2000, the ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation has been involved in the distribution of over $3 million in community grants to over 530 charities and community projects nationwide.

Application guidelines

Review the ANZ Staff Foundation Guidelines before applying for funding. 

Application form

Complete the ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation application form to apply for funds.  

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Funding rounds

There are two funding rounds each year. The closing date for applications are 5pm on Monday 16 February and 17 August 2015.

Charities who've been successful

In the August 2015 funding round, we received a record 163 applications for funding.  46 of those charities were successful with grants totalling $283,602.84. 

In the recent February 2015 funding round, we received 101 applications for funding.  48 of those charities were successful with grants totalling $257,043.81. 

109 charities applied for funding in the Staff Foundation August 2014 funding round. 39 charities received a donation. 

Case study: ANZ employee member makes a difference to the life of Amy*

ANZ’s Hamilton-based rural manager Steve King felt humbled that he was able to make a small difference to the life of Amy, a seven-month-old girl with a life-threatening illness.

Steve is a member of the ANZ Employee Foundation. Last year the Foundation accepted an application from True Colours Charitable Trust for help providing support for children, young people and their families who are dealing with serious illness.

One of the recipients of the ANZ support was Amy. The funding enabled Amy to receive specialist care, counselling and support for a year.

Last year, True Colours Charitable Trust received $6,800 from the ANZ Staff Foundation to support Amy. True Colours CEO Cynthia Ward was appreciative of the support from the Staff Foundation. True Colours relies on do nations, sponsors and community trust grants.

“The generous support from the Employee Foundation makes an enormous difference to a young family that is dealing with an incredible challenge,” she says.

*Name changed to support confidentiality.

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