An ANZ Commercial Loan gives businesses the opportunity of a long-term investment in their future. It is a cost-effective way to invest in commercial property, using the property as security for the loan.

Product information

Loan approval fee
1% of the loan amount with a minimum fee of $250.
Switching fee
A $300 switching fee may be payable any time you choose to switch from a variable rate loan to a fixed rate loan, or vice versa.
Interest only repayments
Available for up to five years. Conditions apply, subject to approval.
Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.
Lump sum repayments
On a variable rate loan, lump sums may be paid at any time without charge. Fees may apply to lump sum payments on fixed rate loans.
Loan term
Up to 15 years depending on security type.
Minimum loan amount
Maximum loan amount
The maximum value of the loan can vary depending on the security available and structure of the lending, subject to ANZ lending criteria.
Detailed account statements are issued six monthly (other statement frequencies available on request).
Commercial property acts as security for the loan. Commercial property security must comply with all relevant building codes and the Resource Management Act.
Additional features
  • Available as fixed interest rates, variable rate, or in combination
  • Use the property you purchase for security
  • Interest only repayment options.

How to apply

For more information or to apply for an ANZ Commercial Loan, contact an ANZ Business Banking Specialist:

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ANZ lending criteria and fees apply to ANZ Commercial Loans.