Our three-year workplan

ANZ's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy - Bringing EDI to Life

We have an extensive work plan in place that aligns to the overall vision and objectives. The three-year work plan will have the following specific areas of focus for each year.

The focus in year one

  1. Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) internal infrastructure development 
  2. Embedding EDI within key quality assurance and sign-off processes 
  3. Internal stakeholder consultation and engagement 
  4. EDI awareness raising 

The focus in year two

  1. Consolidation and review – embedding of year one deliverables 
  2. External benchmarking and accreditation 
  3. External stakeholder partnerships 
  4. EDI advocacy and intervention 

The focus in year three

  1. Embedding EDI performance metrics 
  2. International EDI relationship building and co-operation 
  3. ANZ EDI sector interventionism/leadership 
  4. Renew and refresh the EDI strategy

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