Our vision, objectives and desired outcomes

ANZ's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy - Bringing EDI to Life

Attracting the right people 

ANZ’s diverse workforce gives us an edge in attracting and building the right people who listen, learn and adapt.

A sense of community and belonging

Our shared values connect us to ANZ and each other, and foster a strong sense of community and belonging which allow us to speak up and be our authentic selves.

The power of diversity and inclusivity

The combined power of our diverse workforce and inclusive culture improves the quality of decision making and drives innovation, resulting in financial outperformance.

This makes us a better bank for our customers and helps us to shape a world where people and communities thrive.


1. Rooting out systemic inequality 

Systemic inequality is a barrier that constrains the banks’ ability to deliver on its core purpose, damages the confidence of key stakeholders and compromises the banks’ ability to maximise the talents of its staff.

For example: 

  • Minimising the impact of institutional bias and unconscious bias through the use of the new equity impact assessment (EIA) toolkit and process.
  • Replacement of historic outdated processes, ways of working and requirements.

2. Developing our organisational equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) capabilities 

In order to achieve ‘best in class’ status we will need to raise the current levels of EDI confidence and capability across the bank.

For example: 

  • Supporting and developing our leaders’ underpinning knowledge, awareness, curiosity and commitment to embracing EDI best practice through for example an EDI and Te Ao Māori Leaders Induction Programme and specific new EDI learning modules.
  • EDI Roadshows for leaders to continue to uplift skills and knowledge.

3. Engaging with our key stakeholders 

The overarching success of this strategy is dependent on all key stakeholders playing their part.

Our internal stakeholders will play a critical role in respect to gathering intelligence and engaging with their members on the key outputs of the EDI strategy.

For example: 

  • Working with the Affinity Network Groups to ensure their purpose is in line with the EDI strategy and empower them to increase their reach across ANZ.
  • Set up and create formal and informal opportunities to engage with business and service teams through for example the new EDI mailbox, platforms and fora. Additionally, responding to internal staff data analysis such as our MyVoice survey.

4. Being brave

In order to achieve ‘best in class’ status leaders will need to embrace and champion new ways of thinking and working that seek to embed EDI more effectively within the banks’ business as usual practices that some may regard as unnecessary or unproven.

For example: 

  • Doing the right thing – doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and being prepared to lead the sector.
  • Adopting a long term approach to EDI underpinned by proportionate investment.

How we will measure our progress 

Our Priority Diversity Targets (PDTs) are driven by our vision and values, which are focused on building a bank that is reflective of Aotearoa New Zealand; one that attracts and retains the best talent, provides great customer experience and delivers great value to our shareholders.

We intend to continue to set challenging and progressive diversity targets over the next three years in the following areas: 

  1. Women in leadership
  2. Māori representation in senior roles
  3. Pasifika representation in senior roles
  4. Minority ethnic representation across the bank
  5. Māori representation across the bank
  6. Pasifika representation across the bank
  7. Reducing the gender pay gap.

These PDTs will not only help shift ANZ from being an equal opportunity employer to an equal outcome employer – that measures itself against what it achieves in terms of EDI rather than what it says – it also has the potential to positively influence the behaviour of all those we work and partner with.

Whilst we are not currently in a position to set disability/accessibility recruitment targets we are working with the Accessibility Committee and the Abilities Network Group and external specialists to identify the most effective way to become a fully disability/accessibility confident employer.

Desired outcomes

  1. Our employees who identify across the diversity spectrum feel an increased sense of belonging and support, and ANZ has an established reputation as an inclusive employer which enhances our ability to attract, develop and retain a diverse team who listen, learn and adapt.
  2. Our people leaders feel increased confidence and capability in building and leading diverse and inclusive teams.
  3. Our leadership population is more diverse, and this diversity is enhancing the ability to deliver our strategy.
  4. Our employee Affinity Network Groups feel listened to, empowered and recognised for the important role they play in building a strong sense of community and belonging.
  5. Those who play a part in EDI have a clear set of accountabilities, feel equipped to deliver them, and have the necessary data to track progress.

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