ANZ Business Outlook survey

ANZ's Business Outlook survey shows the results of a monthly survey including hundreds of businesses nationwide. 

About the survey

ANZ Business Outlook analyses where the economy will be going over the next 12 months. The publication is written for business people who can see at a glance how business confidence is stacking up, what export sales are up to, how the labour market is doing, and more.

The reports are available to read on screen or browse in a PDF format. You can view a PDF version of the survey questionnaire that we send to our respondents and the background information about the survey. 

The ANZ Business Outlook is a key leading barometer for the economy, relying on the input of New Zealand businesses which has proven to be very adept at picking economic developments.

Keen to take part?

If you would like to be part of the ANZ Business Outlook survey, please email, giving your email address, industry and the major region you operate in, we would love to hear your views.

2024 editions

June 2024

Business confidence fell 5 points to +6 in June. Expected own activity was unchanged at +12, while past activity was flat at -18. Pricing intentions fell 7 points to 35, with a sharp fall in the expected magnitude of price increases as well. Cost expectations also dipped, and inflation expectations eased from 3.6% to 3.5%.

May 2024

Business confidence fell 4 points to +11 in May. Expected own activity fell 2 points to +12, and past own activity lifted 2 points to -18. Activity indicators improved for the manufacturing sector off weak levels, but were mixed to weaker elsewhere. There was a welcome easing in inflation indicators. Pricing intentions fell 5 points to 42 while inflation expectations eased from 3.8% to 3.6%.

April 2024

Business confidence fell 8 points to +15 in April. Expected own activity fell 9 points to +14, and past own activity dropped 13 points to -20. Pricing intentions increased 2 points to 47 while inflation expectations were unchanged at 3.8%. Cost and wage pressures remain very high.

March 2024

Business confidence fell 12 points to +23 in March. Expected own activity fell 7 points to +23. Past activity eased 2 points to -7. Pricing intentions eased a little and inflation expectations fell from 4.0% to 3.8%. Cost and wage pressures remain very high, however.

February 2024

Business confidence eased 2 points to +35 but expected own activity rose 4 points in February. Reported past activity has a good correlation to GDP. It rose 1 point this month but is still in the red at -5. Inflation expectations fell from 4.3% to 4.0%. Pricing intentions eased from 50% to 48%, continuing their sideways trend of recent months.

January 2024

Business confidence rose 4 points to +37 in January, while expected own activity fell 3 points to +26. The recent dramatic lift in residential construction gave up quite a bit of ground this month. Inflation expectations took a step lower, but the proportion of firms expecting to raise their prices remains stubbornly high.