Voice, fingerprint or face identification

Biometric identification means using your unique physical or personal traits like your voice, fingerprint or face, to verify your identity.

Voice ID

Voice ID allows you to log in to ANZ Phone Banking or identify yourself with our contact centre with your own unique and secure voiceprint. This is a great extra layer of security, especially if you prefer to do your regular banking over the phone.

It can also give you extra security when making payments above $10,000 in the ANZ goMoney app, by verifying your identity using your unique voiceprint.

You can check if you’re registered for Voice ID under Settings in goMoney. If you're not, you can call 0800 269 296 to get set up.

Fingerprint and face recognition

You can use your fingerprint and/or face recognition to control access to your mobile, devices and the goMoney app.

Important information

Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply to the ANZ goMoney app, ANZ Internet Banking, ANZ Phone Banking, Voice ID and Pay to Mobile. For details, see our Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 138KB).