Layers of fraud protection

We’re committed to helping protect you and your money from scams and fraud. 

How we’re fighting scams and fraud, every day

Tools you can use to help beat the scammers

Add another layer of security

OnlineCode is our two-factor authentication and provides a second layer of security to verify certain transactions or updates in goMoney and Internet Banking. 

If you’re registered for OnlineCode, it works by sending a unique code via text message to your registered mobile phone.

You then enter the code in goMoney or Internet Banking. This helps us make sure it’s you making the transaction or requesting a change, and not someone else.

You can register for OnlineCode in Internet Banking or by phoning us.

Control how your card can be used

Turning off certain types of purchases you don’t use much can give you added security and peace of mind.

Use card settings in goMoney to change how your ANZ Visa Debit or credit card and mobile wallet can be used. 

You can turn on and off online shopping, overseas in-person purchases, contactless purchases and online gambling transactions.

Voice, fingerprint or face identification

You can use biometric identification, like your voice, fingerprint or face, to verify your identity.

You can control access to your device and goMoney using your fingerprint or face recognition.

When you call us, or use Phone Banking, Voice ID allows you to identify yourself with your own unique and secure voiceprint.

Online shopping protection with Visa

ANZ uses Visa 3-D Secure to help protect you from unauthorised use of your card online. With Visa 3-D Secure, purchasing online with your ANZ Visa Debit or credit card is as fast and secure as buying in store.

Visa 3-D Secure works automatically, and most of the time you won’t notice it. But for certain purchases on sites protected by Visa 3-D Secure, you will be sent a one-time Visa 3-D Secure passcode to your registered mobile phone. You’ll need to enter the code online to continue with your transaction.

More protection against fraud

Visa Zero Liability protection

With Visa's Zero Liability policy, you’re covered if your personal ANZ Visa Debit or credit card is ever lost, stolen or unauthorised purchases are made (excluding ATM transactions) with your card or card account information.

You’ll always be protected against unauthorised use as long as you haven’t contributed to the fraud in any way.

Online and Phone Banking fraud protection

If someone has accessed and used your credentials for goMoney, Internet Banking or Phone Banking without your authority, talk to us immediately. We'll look at how we can help and we'll reimburse you if you:

  • Tell us as soon as you became aware of the problem
  • Didn't act fraudulently or negligently
  • Didn't contribute to the loss
  • Took reasonable steps to protect your banking
  • Complied with our Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 138KB).

Card payments to cryptocurrency exchanges

We block payments using ANZ Visa Debit and credit cards to some cryptocurrency exchanges that we believe are high-risk. We do this to protect our customers as we’re seeing a significant number of scammers and fraudsters using these exchanges to move stolen money quickly overseas, making it nearly impossible to recover for victims. It’s important to note that our approach doesn’t mean the cryptocurrency exchanges are a scam or fraudulent. 

Blocking card payments to some cryptocurrency exchanges may impact your ability to transfer money to those exchanges.

Tips on how to spot scams

Our Scams and Fraud Guide gives you practical tips on how to spot the red flags to help keep your money safe.

Print it off and keep it somewhere you can easily reference. This guide also comes with a top tips summary that you can stick on your fridge or by your computer. 

Our guide is available in the following languages:

More ways we help protect you

We update the latest scams page if we become aware of a new or emerging scam or fraud risk.

We also provide scam and fraud education sessions to community and industry groups. Contact us on 0800 269 296 find out more or register your interest.

We work closely with expert industry organisations such as CERT NZ, one of the leading cyber-security organisations in New Zealand. By working closely together, we’re on top of emerging scam and fraud trends, and the information we provide is up-to-date and relevant.

Our ANZ Privacy Statement explains how we can use your personal information to help identify and prevent fraud.

There are various security measures in place to protect your personal information and banking while using any of our ANZ ATMs and Smart ATMs nationwide, including:

  • All ATM screens are designed so it’s hard for people to see the information from side on, keeping your personal information private.
  • There's advanced anti-card skimming technology built into all the ATMs, which makes it harder for fraudsters to install skimming devices to capture personal information like card numbers.
  • The area around ATMs will be well lit, with the majority monitored by CCTV cameras.
  • The EMV chip on all ANZ Visa Debit or credit cards allows:
    • You to use the Tap & PIN contactless, which means you’re in control of your card at all times
    • The transaction is secured using EMV standards throughout the whole process.

If you’re the victim of a scam or fraud

If you think you may be the victim of a scam, call us immediately

From overseas: +64 4 470 3142

Important information

Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply to the ANZ goMoney app, ANZ Internet Banking, ANZ Phone Banking, Voice ID and Pay to Mobile. For details, see our Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 138KB).