Common signs of fraud

Fraud comes in many forms, but there are some common signs you can look out for to help you recognise when you’re the target of something suspicious. 

Signs that something is suspicious

  • You receive an unexpected call, email or text asking you take urgent action.
  • You’re asked to download software or an app so someone can access your mobile, device or computer.
  • You’re asked for personal or financial information. Remember that no one should ask for your banking PINs, passwords, security codes – not ANZ, the police, your phone provider or any other company or person in New Zealand!
  • You’re asked to provide remote access to your mobile, device or computer.
  • You’re asked to send money to help catch criminals or hackers.
  • You’re asked to make a payment using an untraceable method like gift cards, iTunes vouchers, bitcoin or money transfer systems, rather than through a bank.
  • You receive an email from an unknown sender – especially if it has unfamiliar links or attachments.
  • You receive an offer that sounds too good to be true or doesn’t ‘add up’.
  • You’re asked by someone you met online to send money to help them with a difficult situation.
  • You receive an email from a company with spelling errors and/or poor formatting or branding.

Spot the red flags

  • Do you know the person you are sending funds to? Are they a real person?
  • Have you been asked to receive and send funds on behalf of another person or company?
  • Have you been asked to allow someone remote access to your mobile, device or computer and log onto Internet Banking or your mobile banking app?
  • Do you understand the reason you’re sending funds?
  • Have you received an invoice for this payment or transfer?
  • Have the bank account details changed for a company that you make regular payments to?
  • Why are you being asked to send funds to a country outside New Zealand?

If you are the victim of a scam

If you think you may be the victim of a scam, call us immediately on 0800 269 296 (or +64 4 470 3142 from overseas, charges may apply).

Report it

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