ANZ FastPay for mobile payments

Our mobile payment solution that lets you accept EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay payments on the go.

Need to know

To have merchant facilities with ANZ, you must settle your funds into an ANZ bank account.


Explore your options

FastPay terminal

  • A stand-alone terminal.
  • Backup transactions.
  • Accept EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay payments.
  • Can accept swipe, insert and, contactless card and device payments. 
  • Accept payments when a card is not present – conditions apply.

FastPay Tap

  • Use your own Android device.
  • Accept Visa and Mastercard contactless card and device payments.
  • No contracts or short term rental fees.
  • Low cost.
  • Grant access to multiple users under the same account.

Fees and charges

FastPay terminal fees

FastPay Tap fees

Set-up fee



Monthly FastPay support fee

$29 plus GST per terminal

$10 plus GST per connection

Visa and Mastercard Domestic credit card contactless transactions



Visa and Mastercard Domestic credit card and UnionPay credit card present and card not present transactions



Visa and Mastercard International debit and credit card contactless transactions



Visa and Mastercard International credit card present and card not present transactions



Visa and Mastercard Domestic debit contactless transactions



Interchanging Plus pricing

Available on request

Available on request

EFTPOS transactions

No transaction fee when: 
‘Cheque’ or ‘Saving’ selected – a card is inserted or swiped

Not available

Short-term rental fee (applies to terms shorter than 4 months)

$99 plus GST


Replacement terminal fee

$249 plus GST


Settlement cutover time



Product information

Transaction timeframes

  • Transactions processed before the settlement cutover time: you’ll be able to access your takings the next morning. 
  • Transactions processed after the settlement cutover time: these transactions will be processed the next day and you’ll be able to access your takings the following morning.

For all transactions, funds will leave the customer's account immediately. 

Refunds are processed overnight on the day they are issued.

Extra terminals

If you need more than one, you can get an additional FastPay terminal by completing a new application.

Lost, stolen or damaged terminals

If you lose or break the FastPay terminal, call us immediately on 0800 249 435. You will need to pay a $249 plus GST replacement fee for any terminal that cannot be returned to us in working order.

How to apply for FastPay

Contact us for support

For after hours: 0800 269 296

Guides, terms and conditions

ANZ FastPay user guides

Your guide to setting up and using the FastPay app and Card Reader.

ANZ FastPay terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are part of your agreement with us governing the provision of FastPay to you. Read them carefully and keep them for future reference

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Important information

ANZ FastPay is only available to approved merchants who meet ANZ's credit approval criteria. ANZ FastPay transactions must be settled into an ANZ Business Account. Eligibility criteria and fees apply. FastPay terms and conditions apply. Use of ANZ FastPay requires a compatible device and a cellular or wireless internet connection.

Android and Google Pay are registered trademarks of Google LLC. Terms and conditions apply to Google Pay, see Google Pay for more information.