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Business management requires you to wear many hats. Managing risk proactively and understanding your numbers are two skills that need to be mastered.

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How to effectively manage cashflow

Cashflow is the fuel your business runs on. Managing cashflow is a key action for every business owner and will help remove surprises, support decision making, and make your business journey a smoother ride.

The session covers:

  • Understand the key attributes of successful business owners
  • Why a cashflow forecast is important
  • How to create a cashflow forecast
  • Tips to reduce cost and improve cashflow
  • Options to get paid faster.

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Building financial resilience – creating a strategic plan for navigating economic cycles

ANZ Business warrant of fitness series

Join Matt Rogers, Director of BM Accounting, and Krystal Talivai, ANZ Business Training Manager on:

  • Where to start, and controlling the controllable
  • Reflecting why you are in business and how to maximise your effort
  • Clarification on where your business will be in one, two and five years
  • Plan ahead and respond to financial headwinds 
  • Support ANZ can offer. 

Foundation of numbers – the importance of forecasting and having accurate numbers to weather economic cycles

ANZ Business warrant of fitness series

Join Matt Rogers, Director of BM Accounting, and Krystal Talivai, ANZ Business Training Manager, on:

  • How to understand and apply real time and accurate information that helps support better decision-making
  • Understanding your business model to drive revenue and maximise profitability
  • Key elements to effective financial forecasting
  • Pricing strategy – getting your price on-point
  • Tips to help you effectively manage costs in tough economic conditions.

How to manage risk and stay in business

Every business has risks, and some could seriously impact your business. In this workshop you’ll learn about:

  • Online safety and fraud
  • Current and emerging risks
  • Case studies to help you identify risks and manage them effectively, such as reputational, financial, key person and other risks.

Maintaining momentum, accountability and focus during challenging economic cycles

ANZ Business warrant of fitness series

Join Matt Rogers, Director of BM Accounting, and Krystal Talivai, ANZ Business Training Manager, on:

  • Importance of regular monitoring against financial budgets and business goals
  • Creating a culture of accountability in the workplace that drives better business performance
  • Implementing robust systems and processes that lead to better efficiencies
  • Diversifying revenue and creating opportunities through being future focused
  • Working capital strategies that keep your cash moving.

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How to find joy in financial accounts

Running a business is a bit like maintaining your car. Having timely, accurate and relevant key performance indicators will support you in setting your business goals and strategy.

The session covers:

  • Introduce the components of a set of financial accounts
  • Describe a number of ratios that will assist you in measuring business performance
  •  Share with you how to access benchmarking data so you can make comparisons against your peers
  • Provide you with the ability to have insightful conversations with your accountant or business advisor to grow your business.

How to protect your business from fraud and scams

Fraud and scams continue to be an ever present risk to not only individuals but businesses as well. Fraudsters and scammers are becoming more sophisticated and expanding their reach all over the globe. We’re not exempt in New Zealand so it remains critical to be vigilant.

The session covers:

  • The current threat landscape for New Zealand businesses
  • Understanding common types of fraud and scams and how to spot them
  • Tips to keep you safe
  • Where to go for help. 

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