Finance and risk webinars

Business management requires you to wear many hats. Managing risk proactively and understanding your numbers are two skills that need to be mastered.

How to make a profit and maintain your cash flow

Running a successful business is about managing your cash well. This workshop will help show you how to generate sustainable profits over the long term, while keeping the cash flow ticking over day-to-day.

  • How to prepare a profitability budget.
  • How to prepare a cash flow forecast.
  • Tips to improve cash flow.

1.30pm - 2.30pm, Thursday 9 June 2022

How to find joy in financial accounts

Running a business is a bit like maintaining your car. Having timely, accurate and relevant key performance indicators will support you in setting your business goals and strategy. The session will cover:

  • Introduce the components of a set of financial accounts.
  • Describe a number of ratios that will assist you in measuring business performance.
  •  Share with you how to access benchmarking data so you can make comparison against your peers.
  • Provide you with the ability to have insightful conversations with your accountant or business advisor to grow your business.

11am – noon, Tuesday 14 June 2022

How to manage risk and stay in business

Every business has risks, and some could seriously impact your business. In this workshop you’ll learn some of the risks you need to know about and how you might manage and mitigate them.

  • Online safety and fraud.
  • Current and emerging risks.
  • Case studies to help you identify risks and manage them effectively, such as reputational, financial, key person and other risks.

11am - 12.15pm, Tuesday 24 May 2022

11am - 12.15pm, Tuesday 28 June 2022

How to keep your business safe from cyber security risks

As business increasingly operates online, fraudsters are seizing the opportunity to expand their reach and target businesses all over the globe.  Join us to hear about how to improve your businesses online security, including:

  • The threat landscape for New Zealand businesses.
  • Understanding common cyber attacks.
  • How to assess cyber security risks in your business.
  • Where to go for advice if your business is at risk or if you spot something suspicious.

11am - noon, Thursday 19 May 2022

11am - noon, Thursday 30 June 2022

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