ANZ Trust Management

ANZ Trust Management is the simple, efficient solution for professionals who manage funds on behalf of clients. ANZ Trust Management will save you time, money and effort - while helping you deliver a better service to clients.

Benefits of ANZ Trust Management

  • Ease and efficiency

    ANZ Trust Management is integrated with your organisations banking so you can manage all your banking from the same place.

    Client funds are kept in separate, named accounts with comprehensive reporting at the click of a mouse.

    ANZ Trust Management adheres to the requirements of relevant professional bodies, which makes compliance easier.

  • Security

    Your data is protected by ANZ's security systems and processes, including additional two factor authentication for financial transaction batches.

    You can allocate different access rights to different users based on their role, and ANZ Trust Management includes a comprehensive audit log facility.

  • Benefits for your clients

    Your clients benefit from competitive call and term deposit rates with no account or transaction fees except where accessed through ANZ Direct Online.

  • Flexibility

    With ANZ Trust Management you can create unlimited client accounts.

    You can choose from call accounts or term deposits with a choice of interest payment cycles.

Product information

Credit interest

You'll enjoy a competitive, tiered interest rate. Interest is calculated daily and credited quarterly. Interest is also credited on the closure of accounts.


Funds are available on call.  You can access your funds via:


There are no transaction fees on this account, unless accessed via ANZ Direct Online.

Please contact an ANZ Business Specialist for charges that apply to ANZ Direct Online.

Additional features

Comprehensive reporting available:

  • Daily Client Account Master listing (of balances & interest paid)
  • Monthly Certificate of Trust Fund balances
  • Quarterly Certificate of Trust Fund Balances & Interest Paid
  • Annual Statement of Interest Paid.

ANZ Trust Management is a comprehensive financial reporting and deposit solution for busy professionals.


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