Transcript - Summer of Tech

Hi I’m Patricia, I’m studying a Bachelor of Social Science at the University of Waikato, majoring in psychology and computer science. I came to ANZ on the Summer of Tech internship programme. I worked as a transformation analyst in tech talent and initiatives overall my experience with ANZ has been amazing the graduate programme itself offers a lot of support but the work culture here means that people are always willing to help me learn, help me grow and answer all the questions I have.

Hi, I’m Grace. I came into the Summer of Tech programme in 2019 I think the culture makes such a difference and all the people here really make the experience the best experience and all their fun activities and the support you get here as well.

Hey guys, I’m Chris my experience so far at ANZ has been fantastic the culture is great the people are great the support is amazing, and I have just been able to do a whole heap of fun stuff and learn a lot at the same time.

I’m Ashnit Kumar, I started study at Victoria University I did a computer science and information systems major I was lucky enough to be in the Summer of Tech programme and get a role at ANZ as a developer, had some cool projects I’ve worked on with the CICD team and mostly focusing on Teradata development currently I’m still doing that I came into a permanent role at ANZ have been here for the past 2 years working as a developer.

Hi, my name is Khushi and I have done my post-graduation from Victoria University in computer science mainly data science and in 2018 after finishing my studies I got the opportunity to work at ANZ so I got this internship through Summer of Tech and I got a role as a data tech developer.

Hi guys, I’m Angela and I completed a Bachelor of Information Technology at Whitireia last year and I found my way to ANZ Technology by the Summer of Tech internship programme and through that I have gained a place on the graduate programme at ANZ Technology. In my internship I was involved in a number of projects as a business analyst.

Hi my name is Kyle Claudio and I studied network engineering at Victoria University, I worked in the internet banking space as a front end developer, where I am right now I am a technology graduate I transitioned through the internship programme and currently I’m in the operation tooling services automation team.

My name is Louise, I recently graduated from Victoria with a graduate diploma in information technology, I’m working in open shift team as a graduate IAAS engineer.

[We cut to a group of interns discussing their top tips]

So, one of my top tips to ace your internship would be to get involved with the work culture and just get to know people from outside your team, so you can understand how the whole business works.

My tip is to learn as much as you can while you’re here at the business, I have many interests outside of what I do in my everyday job, so when I gather all this learning there are going to be plenty of other opportunities which will potentially come up and all this learning is going very, very much help you in grabbing and grasping one of these opportunities.

My top tip would be to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, put yourself into situations that you really don’t want to be in, it will help you grow as a person and also show everyone else in the bank that you’re willing to try and that you have a growth mindset.