ANZ MyPhoto card image criteria

There are some restrictions on the images you can place on your ANZ MyPhoto card.

Your images will be checked and approved before you receive your card. This Image Criteria may be varied by ANZ at any time. Images will be accepted or declined at ANZ’s sole discretion and you will be notified by email if your image has been declined.

As set out in our Terms and Conditions, we will not accept any images that you yourself have not taken or created, or you have not obtained explicit permission to use on an ANZ MyPhoto card. If we consider that an image may not be owned by you, we may decline the image.

In addition, your image cannot be, or contain, any of the following:

  • Downloaded internet images or any image you have not taken, or do not own, including but not limited to, memes, photographs, video games, cartoons, anime, works of art, cars and any other publicly available images. This includes any edited versions of these images containing elements that may be copyrighted.
  • Images of things that may be protected by copyright including but not limited to pictures of any art work, monuments, street art, even if the image has been taken or created by you.
  • Any art work, or derivative work inspired by any material protected by Intellectual Property laws (e.g. art created by fans).
  • Trademarks, logos, slogans, company or any other entity names, copyrighted material or brands, including maps, emojis and filters owned by a third party, such as Snapchat or Instagram filters.
  • Advertising or promotional material, or branded products regardless of whether it relates to an entity you own.
  • Celebrities, cartoons, actors, musicians, sportspeople or other public figures including politicians. Personal photos taken with this group may not be used, as contractual restrictions on the use of their images may apply.
  • Word(s), statement(s) or any other phrases in any language.
  • Phone numbers, addresses and URL addresses, account numbers or Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) and other wording regardless of whether it relates to an entity you own.
  • Images deemed to be provocative, sexual, violent or contain other content that may be seen as offensive.
  • Images that may cause emotional distress, or be seen as upsetting or controversial.
  • Nudity or semi-nudity.
  • Bigotry, racism, hatred, profanity or obscenities.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, firearms or any objects associated with violence and warfare.
  • Images which show illegal or anti-social behaviour.
  • Culturally or socially insensitive images, or images which display the opinions or beliefs of socially unacceptable groups.
  • Images which display the opinions or beliefs of political or religious groups.
  • Libelous or defamatory content, or content which is otherwise in violation of any rules, regulations or laws to which the images are subject.
  • Images that have a white background, or partly white background, that sits behind the features on the card including the Visa logo, the Visa payWave logo and symbol, and the word 'DEBIT'.