Changes to ANZ rates, fees and agreements

Changes to ANZ Privacy Statement and Electronic Banking Conditions

Notice published Monday 20 May 2024

Effective 4 June 2024 (the Effective Date), we’re making the following updates:

ANZ Privacy Statement

Information we collect and how we can use information about you on our Digital Platforms

We’re updating these sections to include that we can collect information about how you use our Digital Platforms, or their features, and behavioural biometric information. Behavioural biometric information is about how you interact with your device, like how you type, swipe or scroll which we’ll only collect when you use the ANZ goMoney mobile app or ANZ Internet Banking. 

We can use information collected through our Digital Platforms when we’re investigating security, fraud, or for crime detection and prevention. For example, if there’s actual or suspected unauthorised access to goMoney or Internet Banking, your device or ours, or if we suspect there are fraudulent transactions. When we’re investigating security issues, fraud, or for crime detection and prevention, we may share information with third parties under our Privacy Statement.

We’re updating the examples of the device information we collect, including your operating system, preferences, device settings and status, including your accessibility status, and where relevant call status (we’ll check if you’re on a call, but can’t hear or make calls). The updates cover collecting device network or connectivity information including whether you’re using Wi-Fi or cellular connection. On Android devices, we’ll collect information about your installed apps and other devices connected using Bluetooth (Android devices versions 11.0 and below). 

We’re including a definition of ‘biometric information’ and ‘behavioural biometric information’ in the Privacy Statement glossary to help you understand these terms.  

How we can use information about you

We’re updating the section setting out how we can use your information, to clarify that our agents can also use information about you to improve their products or services to ensure they meet our service agreements.

Cookies and Analytics Notice

We’re incorporating these changes into our separate Cookies and Analytics Notice, which forms part of our Privacy Statement.

ANZ Electronic Banking Conditions

Protecting the security of your information

Where we ask you not to let anyone see you enter your customer number, password, PIN, or any information about your account, we’re now also asking you to not let anyone see you enter your ANZ card information. This is to protect you from unauthorised access to your account.


To help you understand what permissions goMoney requires and why, we have converted the original permissions wording into a table. 

Notification permission

We've added a new permission to allow ANZ to send you push notifications through goMoney, or by text message. These notifications allow us to alert you about your products and services within goMoney. You can disable, and re-enable, push notifications at any time in goMoney settings.  

Permissions for Android™ users

We've added permissions, which we require for our customers who are using goMoney on an Android device. Enabling these permissions help us protect you from fraud and identify suspicious behaviour, like calls from scammers. The permissions are:

  • Make and manage calls: We'll check if you're on a call, but we can’t hear or make calls.  
  • Nearby devices: We'll see the devices that you’re connected to, but we won’t connect to them (Android 12.0 and above only). 

Residents of New Zealand

We've clarified that our electronic banking services are intended to be provided to or used by residents of New Zealand.

Once these changes have been made on the Effective Date, the updated ANZ Privacy Statement will be on Privacy at ANZ and the updated ANZ Electronic Banking Conditions will be on General terms and conditions. These documents will also be available from any ANZ branch.

Android is a trade mark of Google Inc.

Changes to ANZ Direct Online Conditions of Use

Notice Published 10 May 2024

Effective Monday 10 June 2024, we’re making these updates to the ANZ Direct Online Conditions of Use:

Reports and interest accrual over non-business days

We’re updating this section to state that the Real Time Balances and Transactions report, available via accounts on the ANZ Direct Online homepage, will display the date the payment was processed as the transaction date, including on non-business days. Previously this report displayed the next business day’s date as the transaction date for transactions performed on non-business days.

We’re also clarifying that we will update the balances in these reports on the date the payment is processed:

  • Basic Statement 365
  • Transactions 365
  • Transactions Extended 365

Once these changes have been made on 10 June, the updated ANZ Direct Online Conditions of Use will be on ANZ Direct Online. It will also be available from any ANZ branch.

Changes to the ANZ Premium Card Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

Notice published 12 April 2024

ANZ Premium Card Overseas Travel Insurance is issued and managed by AWP Services New Zealand Limited (Allianz Partners). Hollard Insurance Company Ptd Ltd (Hollard Insurance) is the underwriter for Allianz Partners. 

On 22 March 2024 Hollard Insurance changed its financial strength rating agency from A.M. Best Company Inc. to Standard & Poor’s. Standard & Poor’s is approved by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand as a rating agency. 

This is not a significant change to ANZ Premium Card Overseas Travel Insurance policyholder benefits. For overseas travel that was booked or activated prior to 22 March 2024, the previous financial strength rating from A.M. Best Company Inc. continues to apply for up to 12 months. 

Accordingly, page 55 of the policy document has been updated with the following information:

An updated digital copy of the ANZ Premium Card Overseas Travel Insurance Policy is available on our Credit card rates, fees and agreements page, or on request from any ANZ branch.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact the Allianz Partners Customer Care team on 0800 499 666 or +64 9 487 0823 from overseas (charges may apply).

Changes to ANZ goMoney operating system requirements

Notice published 3 April 2024

Effective from 18 April 2024, the ANZ goMoney mobile app won’t be supported on devices with the following operating systems:

  • iOS operating system 14.0
  • Android operating system 7.0

Between 18-30 April you’ll still be able to use goMoney on your device, but you’ll no longer receive updates and won’t be able to reinstall or download it from your app store if it’s removed from your device.

From 1 May 2024, you’ll only be able to use goMoney if you update the operating system on your device to iOS 15 or above, or Android 8 or above. You can find out how to update your operating system on our Older versions of ANZ goMoney page.

Note, ANZ Internet Banking is not affected by these changes. 

Changes to the Fair Trading Act and our standard form small trade loan contracts

Effective from 16 August 2022

We’ve reviewed and made changes to our standard form small trade loan contracts to comply with certain changes to the Fair Trading Act 1986. Those changes extend protections that currently apply to customers who have standard form consumer contracts to customers on standard form small trade contracts. 

What are standard form small trade loan contracts?

Small trade contracts are defined in section 26C of the Fair Trading Act 1986 and standard form contracts are defined in section 46J of the Fair Trading Act 1986. If your loan or facility with us is a small trade contract and is documented on any of the ANZ template standard form contracts set out at the end of this notice, then that is a standard form small trade loan contract for the purposes of this notice. 

What are the changes?

Generally, we’ve made the following changes to our standard form small trade loan contracts covered by this notice:

  • Events of default clauses: Where our standard form small trade loan contracts include default clauses, we’re including remedy periods or materiality thresholds into some of the circumstances that could result in you being in default
  • Indemnities: Where you’ve given us an indemnity, we’re generally limiting the scope of costs we can recover from you under that indemnity 
  • Unilateral changes: We’re:
    - clarifying the changes we can make to standard form small trade loan contracts and what you can do if you’re not happy with the changes we’re making; and
    - limiting when we can make those changes immediately and generally extending the notice period to 30 days’ notice for other changes
  •  Limitation of liability: We’re generally not limiting our liability for loss or damage that arises from our gross negligence or wilful misconduct
  • Entire agreement clauses: We’re not excluding prior statements or representations that may have been made 
  • Conclusive evidence clauses: Where we determine an amount, such as how much you owe us, and we say it is conclusive or binding on you, you’ll be able to ask us how we’ve calculated that amount if you think it’s incorrect.

What contracts and customers are impacted?

New and existing small trade customers will both benefit from these changes we have made. From 16 August 2022 the standard form small trade loan contracts we issue, and the processes we apply to the existing standard form small trade loan contracts that are signed, varied or renewed from that date, will reflect the changes we’ve outlined above.

ANZ template standard form small trade loan contracts governed by this notice

  • Commercial and Corporate Facility Agreements (and associated general conditions or general conditions – development) 
  • Agri Loan Agreements 
  • Agri Current Account Agreements 
  • Business Overdrafts (and associated overdraft terms and conditions) 
  • Commercial and Corporate Development and Investment Facility Agreements and Investment Facility Agreements (and associated general conditions)

If you have received a Loan Summary or Flexible Facility Summary from us that’s issued under the Business Loan Terms and Conditions or the Business Flexible Facility Terms and Conditions, we’ve separately updated those terms and conditions effective from 16 August 2022 – please visit our business agreements page to view those terms and conditions.

Important information

Our eligibility criteria apply. Fees and interest rates are subject to change. For full details see our Reserve Bank Disclosure StatementTerms and Conditions and Fees and Charges, or you can request these, free of charge, from any ANZ branch.

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Android is a trademark of Google Inc.