Making things right – customer remediation

When things don’t go as they should, we’re focused on making things right. If you've been affected by an error we've made (such as incorrect fees or interest charges) we may need to get in touch.

We'll contact you if you've been affected

If you’ve been impacted, we’re sorry this happened. ANZ is working hard to ensure that we prevent errors like these from happening.

In some cases, we’ll send you a letter. Our team may also reach out to you through email, phone (including text message), or the ANZ goMoney mobile app.

If we need to make a payment

Eligible ANZ accounts

If you have an open ANZ account that we can pay to, we’ll make a payment to that account.

This payment will show in ANZ Internet Banking, goMoney, or on your account statement as ‘YOUR ANZ REFUND…’.

Other accounts

If we need to make a payment to you and you don’t have an eligible ANZ account, or no longer bank with us, we’ll need you to provide us with an account to pay to. 

Keep safe online

We’ll never ask for your online banking passwords, PINs, two-factor authentication codes, full credit card details or request remote access to your device. 

Always access your online banking through ANZ’s goMoney mobile app or ANZ Internet Banking on our website (, never from links in text messages or emails.

How remediation payments are calculated

We’ll work out the amount you’ve been overcharged or underpaid as the result of the error. We may also calculate:

  • Any additional fees charged as a result of the error
  • Any additional interest charged as a result of the error
  • An extra compensation amount in recognition of any inconvenience that you might have experienced.

Call our Customer Remediation team