Guarantees, bonds and standby letters of credit

A guarantee, bond or standby letter of credit (SBLC) is an irrevocable, on demand undertaking by ANZ. It demonstrates ANZ's confidence in your business and your ability to meet your commitments or obligations under a contract. They are widely accepted by New Zealand businesses.


There are various types of guarantees and bonds including rental guarantees, NZ Racing Board bonds, advance payment bonds, collateral guarantees, bid, tender, performance bonds, warranty bonds, customs bonds, shipping guarantees and to support a Carnet (ATA and NZAA).

They may be used within New Zealand or for your international trading requirements.

  • Demonstrates to the beneficiary the customer is reliable and has the ability to complete an underlying transaction.
  • Can support an obligation to pay money / repay borrowed money.
  • May secure payment for the beneficiary of the amount in the event of non-performance by the customer of the pre-defined transaction.
  • Can be issued and amended electronically via ANZ Transactive Trade.

Please note:

Guarantees, bonds and SBLC are issued only on behalf of customers who can be depended on to meet the liability. If necessary, guarantees may be issued subject to certain formats / rules for example URDG758, ISP98 and UCP600. Only pre-approved guarantee formats will be issued (please contact ANZ Trade Finance desk for assistance).

Security will generally be required (issue subject to ANZ credit criteria). Establishment and management fees apply.

Application or amendment for standby, bond or guarantee (PDF 192KB)

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Important information

ANZ lending criteria, conditions and eligibility criteria apply and fees may be payable.