Supply chain financing

Many companies are increasing their focus on managing their supply chain and achieving supply chain efficiencies. Effective supply chain management can help you improve the three key drivers of financial performance – growth, profitability and capital utilisation.

ANZ's Supply Chain solution approach is to ensure that the financial supply chain is designed to match the physical supply chain, with the objective of increasing balance sheet efficiency. This can deliver significant benefits, such as helping you release capital from the working capital cycle. This can subsequently be reinvested into the business or used to service debt obligations.

What we offer

Receivables finance

This provides the seller with post shipment/sales finance for the supply of goods to approved buyers. Typically, the buyer's default risk is transferred to ANZ, who acquires the rights to the receivable payment proceeds and assumes the payment risk of the buyer.

Payables finance

We can offer a solution that provides the buyer with post shipment/sales finance for the purchase of goods from approved suppliers, without recourse to the suppliers. The solution effectively operates by ANZ paying a customer's suppliers on day one, with the customer paying ANZ at a later date in line with their normal supplier credit terms.

Electronic supply chain solutions

The ANZ Supply Chain Portal is a global web-based system which enables efficient and secure uploading of invoice data. It also allows customers to view summaries of invoices and generate standard and customised reports.

ANZ Fileactive delivers a global, market-leading integration solution suite providing our customers with location neutral host-to-host file transfer functionality. It enables flexible and rapid integration to streamline the business processes and workflow.

These supply chain solutions provide a cost efficient source of funding for both domestic and cross-border transactions, typically between ANZ's core markets of Australia, Asia, the Pacific, the US and UK.

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We invite you to explore our range of supply chain capabilities and solutions in greater detail. If you have questions or want more information, please contact our Trade Finance desk.

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Important information

ANZ lending criteria, conditions and eligibility criteria apply and fees may be payable.