Financing imports

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is important for any business. But when importing from companies in other countries, the processes involved can sometimes take longer - which can put extra pressure on your cash flow.

If you need funds for importing, ANZ has funding solutions to help ensure your business always has the cash it needs (subject to ANZ credit criteria).

Trade finance loans

As an importer you might typically seek working capital funding from the time you pay for the goods or material you’ve imported, until the time you receive cash from the sale of those goods in your home market.

An ANZ Trade Finance Loan provides convenient and competitive up-front short-term funding for just about any of your trade obligations. The advance can be denominated in domestic currency, or the foreign currency of the payment obligation.

Import loans from ANZ may be tailored to each and every import transaction as evidenced by the import documentation and do not rely on traditional forms of security.

Apply online

ANZ also offers you the ability to apply for Trade Finance Loans online and receive electronic notification of approval, through our ANZ Transactive Trade service - making the process easier to manage.

Contact us

To find out how ANZ can help you finance your export cash flows, contact our Trade Finance desk.

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Important information

ANZ lending criteria, conditions and eligibility criteria apply and fees may be payable.