Clearing and international payments

ANZ is a leading provider of New Zealand Dollar (NZD) account and payment services to financial institutions around the globe. ANZ's aim is to offer a market leading range of payment and reporting services with a commitment to the highest possible customer satisfaction standards.

ANZ also offers Clearing Services in six Pacific currencies and India (INR), Indonesia (IDR), Philippines (PHP), Australia (AUD) and Hong Kong (CNY).

Products and services

Bank-to-bank account services

SWIFT MT2xx series (bank to bank) payment instructions are processed in real-time to the account of counter-parties who maintain their accounts with ANZ. If the beneficiary bank maintains its account with another bank, payment instructions are processed via the industry controlled Wholesale Exchange Settlement Account System (ESAS).

ANZ customers benefit from:

  • High levels of straight through processing.
  • Extended cut-off times.

Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS)

ANZ can assist customers to meet their Wholesale and Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) obligations through ANZs extensive experience in monitoring intraday credit and liquidity. ANZ has been a settlement member of CLS Bank since the inception of CLS and accordingly has been a NZD CLS settlement provider since the introduction of the New Zealand dollar to CLS.

Commercial services

  • ANZ is able to accept SWIFT MT1xx series commercial payments in all tradeable currencies in favour of all beneficiary accounts held in New Zealand. Payments are processed straight through to ANZ customer accounts or to an account at another local bank.
    • ANZ is a member of the Eurogiro network.
    • Bulk payment files can also be processed for customers using SWIFT Fileact.

Reporting services

ANZ Transactive – Global Nostro Account Management – enabling around-the-clock account access via the internet to the customer's NZD account/s held with ANZ. ANZ Transactive – Global Nostro Account Management provides both real-time and historical balance and transaction information.

A range of SWIFT MT9xx series message types providing real-time and end of day balance and transaction reports are provided as part of a customer's NZD Nostro account services offered by ANZ.

Contact us

To find out more information about ANZ's clearing services, please contact ANZ's Financial Institutions team or an ANZ Relationship Manager.

Important information

This product/service is suitable for financial institutions. Terms and conditions apply and fees may be payable.

In New Zealand, ANZ is ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited. Elsewhere, ANZ is Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited and its affiliates.