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ANZ Investment Advice offers free expert advice from our team of qualified advisers. We give advice tailored to your specific situation, with the added convenience of being able to do it all over the phone.

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Our Investment Advisers are spread throughout the country. We will provide you with a fast, easy and convenient option to help you meet your investment goals.

Important information

ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited is the issuer and manager of the ANZ KiwiSaver Scheme, the ANZ Default KiwiSaver Scheme, the OneAnswer KiwiSaver Scheme, the ANZ Investment Funds, the OneAnswer  Multi-Asset-Class Funds and the OneAnswer Single-Asset-Class Funds.

Important information is available under terms and conditions. Download the guide and product disclosure statement.

Our financial advice provider statement has some important information you should know about ANZ and our financial advice services. Please take the time to read it.