ANZ Foreign Currency Term Deposit

Grow your foreign currency savings with an investment that gives you a fixed return, for a term you choose (minimum deposit amount applies).


ANZ Foreign Currency Term Deposit interest rates

A minimum deposit amount will apply, which varies depending on the currency. Interest rates are subject to change.

How ANZ Foreign Currency Term Deposits work

ANZ Foreign Currency Term Deposits are a fixed term investment. You choose how long you want to invest (your term) and you’ll know exactly how much your return will be. You shouldn’t expect to access your money before the maturity date with ANZ Foreign Currency Term Deposits.

Your interest

The interest rate for your ANZ Foreign Currency Term Deposit is agreed when we open or reinvest your investment for you. Interest is calculated daily and paid at maturity. 

7 day ‘cooling off’ period

For Personal and Business customers there is a 7 calendar day 'cooling-off' period starting on the day that we open or reinvest your ANZ Foreign Currency Term Deposit for you. During this time you can cancel your ANZ Foreign Currency Term Deposit, or change the term or amount of your investment.

Early withdrawals

Your investment is locked in until the end of your term to help you save and protect you from changes in interest rates.

If you do need your money after investing in a ANZ Foreign Currency Term Deposit, you can request an early withdrawal by giving us 31 days notice or if you're suffering from financial hardship as reasonably determined by us. Businesses with total ANZ deposits of NZD$2m or more will not qualify for early withdrawal on the grounds of hardship. We’ll notionally convert the amount of any foreign currency deposits into New Zealand dollars at the time we make this assessment, using the exchange rate that applies at that time.

If we agree to let you make an early withdrawal, we’ll reduce your interest rate by 1% per annum on the amount you withdraw (your return will not go below 0%).

Need more information?

Download our ANZ Term Deposit brochure:

How to apply

From overseas: +64 4 470 3142

Important information

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All fees are subject to change. Transaction and other fees may apply. Credit interest is not always payable on all currencies and is subject to a minimum deposit amount as determined by ANZ and may be altered at any time by ANZ.