Supply Chain Finance

At ANZ, we encourage those in rural supply, processing, trading and export to regularly review the flow of their working capital across their supply chain to ensure it’s used to its best advantage. By doing this, they can match their financial supply chain to their physical supply chain and improve the management of their working capital, whilst freeing up funds to invest in other parts of their business.

From a large local fruit order, to an international beef shipment, supply chain finance means you can have funds in your bank account on the date the goods leave your premises instead of having to wait for payment from your buyer. You can then use these funds to improve your working capital or invest in other parts of your business instead of having to wait for the funds to come through in 30, 60 or 90 days’ time.

You can also improve your cash management cycle between the start of your finishing process and the date when you receive payment for the sale of packed beef, for example, by using working capital finance to cover payments to your suppliers. This again frees up working capital so that you can use it in other parts of your business.

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