Data breaches and your banking

How you can keep yourself and your banking safe before, or after there’s been a data breach within another organisation. Data breaches can have an impact on your banking security as that can mean your personal information may have fallen into the hands of scammers.

Add additional security to your ANZ accounts

While ANZ works around the clock to help protect your accounts from fraud, to be effective customers need to protect themselves too. 

How to report fraud

Contact us straight away if you notice any unusual activity on your accounts. We’re here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Identifying legitimate calls about a data breach

If someone calls you about a data breach, be careful about what information you give them as it may be a hoax or an attempt to gain your personal information, which could then be used to commit fraud. Warning signs include the caller saying they’re from a bank but they ask you for information they should already have, or they ask you to transfer money, or download something. If you’re suspicious, end the call and contact the relevant company using the phone number listed on their website.