Money and your whānau

Ways for couples to combine their income

A few lessons from three couples on how they found their own unique ways to manage their money as a team.

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Your money, my money, our money

They say opposites attract. That can be exciting at the beginning of a relationship, but balancing different styles can be a little more... interesting when it comes to managing money. We’ve all got bills to pay, holidays to save for, pets to feed, dates to fund, and then there's rent or a home loan. So, who pays for what?

Every couple is unique and each person brings their own financial habits, ingrained values, attitudes from family and childhood, and sometimes debt. Together you have to decide what works best for you and your relationship.

Three couples told us their how-to stories. Here’s how they negotiated their shared expenses and savings goals.

Steps to financial wellbeing

Our financial wellbeing programme can help. Try one step or two, or work through the programme's six steps in any order.

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